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Our promise to you: First-class consulting, customised solutions and dedicated support – for your successful virtual transformation and the best possible TriCAT experience.

Beratung für Lösungen von TriCAT

Personal consulting

We are one of the leading innovators in the field of virtual transformation and offer first-class consulting – from C-level up to specialist departments, from strategy all the way to implementation.

With us you’re sure to get the right concept and a customised solution for your virtual future. Take advantage of our know-how and experience gathered from more than 20 years of research, development and implementation.

We look forward to talking to you in person!

Customised solutions

With TriCAT, customers have a choice: You can either get started immediately with our on-demand products TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress (flexible design configuration, operation and technical integration) – or we can design and implement a completely customised solution for your complex requirements.

Our many success stories demonstrate all the possibilities TriCAT offers. One example: Our VR experts implemented the virtual training and simulation environment for the century-long Gotthard Base Tunnel infrastructure project in Switzerland.

What can we do for you?


Customised support

We are here to assist you with technical support so that you can use TriCAT for your business rapidly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we will support you with the planning and implementation of your virtual event with TriCAT spaces® Congress. Available on demand or with a service level agreement.

Good to know: Our service quality is TÜV-certified. Test us out today!

Support schulungen Trainings spaces

Courses and training sessions

The introduction of virtual-immersive solutions is a challenge for many companies and organisations. We provide support for your internal roll-out and the qualification of your trainers.

To ensure a successful start, we offer various training sessions and courses – so that you can use all technical possibilities of the TriCAT programs in your virtual events efficiently and relaxed.


Find answers to your questions about TriCAT quickly and easily here.


1. General information about TriCAT spaces®

Shortcuts for TriCAT spaces®
An overview of the shortcuts is also available during ongoing events: Options menu> Local Settings > Controls Navigation Avatar Action Shortcut Walk vorwards W –or– ARROW KEY (up) Walk backwards S –or– ARROW KEY (down) Walk to...
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What is the difference between 3D worlds like TriCAT spaces® and other communication platforms?
Immerse and experience presence The choice of communication platform always depends on the context and goal of the event. Virtual 3D worlds allow users to immerse themselves in the situation and experience the training or meeting as if they were present. If users are not only to...
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What are the options for using TriCAT spaces®?
TriCAT spaces® on-demand The on-demand solution is suitable for companies and trainers/coaches who want to hold events with up to 40 people sporadically without entering into a contractual commitment. TriCAT Spaces® is ready to use out of the box. Meeting hours are charged based...
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Are there discounts for public education and charitable organizations?
We offer discounts for public educational institutions, charitable organizations and state recognized vocational schools in the healthcare sector. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Can TriCAT spaces® be connected to my deployed enterprise software?
Even if a virtual 3D world can be operated as a completely independent solution, in many cases there is a desire or even a need for integration into an existing environment. Generally three areas are considered here: Connection to an existing learning environment (for example,...
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Can TriCAT spaces® be used in the browser?
TriCAT spaces® can be used via the established desktop application as well as directly in the web browser. Participants can interact in the same room in both ways.
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May screenshots from the application be published?
The use of screenshots for electronic use (e.g. for social networks, websites, newsletters, e-mails, slideshows, mobile devices, splash screens), print materials, video use, etc. is permitted if permission has been granted by TriCAT GmbH prior to use. The copyright information directly...
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Are there any restrictions on the use of TriCAT spaces®?
Our offer is only directed to companies, tradesmen, (public) educational institutions and freelancers. Private customers can be invited as participants to a virtual event by an organizer (= customer of TriCAT spaces®) at any time (e. g. coach or trainer invites their clients to a...
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Can I try TriCAT spaces® for free?
You can download the TriCAT spaces® application here or start the web version. In the main menu you will find the First Steps where you can enter the virtual world and try out features. Since it is an offline version, no additional participants can be invited and some features like...
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Which Media Formats are feasible in TriCAT spaces®?
Many of the following formats refer to objects placed in TriCAT spaces® via Scene Editor. Please do not place more than a maximum of 20 additional media walls/whiteboards in one event. Presentations Power Point presentations in 16:9 format, please Power Point files are...
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Note for private parties
Private individuals can be invited as participants to a virtual event by the organiser (= customer of TriCAT spaces®) at any time. Please understand that direct rental of TriCAT spaces® is only possible in the B2B sector. Our offer is therefore only aimed at companies, tradespeople,...
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2. System requirements & Settings

System requirements TriCAT spaces® Desktop Client
Operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 11 (no N versions like e. g. Windows 10 Home N)Mac OS X from version 12 (older versions possibly with restrictions) Hardware requirements Standard computer or laptop: no thin (or slim) client Hard disk space: 2 GB available hard...
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Information about the setup in restrictively secured networks
Ports Either port 80 or preferably port 443 must be enabled for the TCP protocol. Proxy servers can be configured in the application. SSL Certificate Request The TriCAT Spaces® client makes HTTPS requests to various domains, strictly checking the SSL certificate for validity....
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Selecting the primary graphics card on Windows
Many computers have two graphics cards: an integrated one and a dedicated one. Each expansion card is listed in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. Graphics display problems can occur with TriCAT spaces® when computers have both types of graphics cards, so you must configure your...
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Note for Microsoft N versions
An existing N installation can be made compatible with our application, if allowed in your company, via the following upgrade pack from Microsoft. Below is the external link
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Tips for a successful start
We have the following tips for a successful start: Please check if you meet the system requirements (Deskop application or Web application). Perform the download in time (only necessary once). Alternatively, you can download the web version of TriCAT spaces® before the session...
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3. Data Security at TriCAT

Storage of personal data
Only business contact data is required for operation (e-mail address, name). Optionally, users can specify their gender – useful for avatar selection – and set a profile picture. Data no longer required for operation is automatically deleted in accordance with the deletion...
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Cloud infrastructure l Security
TriCAT GmbH is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and a TISAX participant. Cloud infrastructure information It is ensured that the servers we use are located in Germany. As standard, we use AWS Germany, with corresponding DSGVO-compliant agreements. For persistent spaces, the infrastructure...
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ISO/IEC 27001
TriCAT GmbH is certified by the BSI Group certification body to apply an information security system in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the following scope: • Development, distribution and support of software as SaaS as well as On Premise solutions, and related projects including...
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TriCAT GmbH is TISAX participant
With TISAX – Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange – the ENX Association supports the joint acceptance of information security assessments in the automotive industry on behalf of the VDA. The TISAX assessments are performed by audit providers who prove their...
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4. Training offers for TriCAT spaces®

Train-the-Trainer l Technical Basic Training 1
Technical Basic Training 1 To enable you as an organizer to fully and efficiently enjoy all technical possibilities of TriCAT spaces® during your virtual event, we offer the Train-the-Trainer Technical Basic Training 1 for your successful start. Course Objective The Technical...
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Train-the-Trainer | Training in 4 modules
Training in 4 modules The training concept, which consists of 4 modules that build on one another, enables participants to use TriCAT spaces® routinely, confidently manage participants, and convey learning content in an exciting and sustainable way. After completing the training,...
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Do participants need training?
Your guests learn intuitively The operation of our virtual 3D learning and working worlds is largely intuitive. Participants in an online event acquire the ability to move naturally and confidently and to operate the system during the first few minutes. By going through the recommended...
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Introduction for participants by TriCAT
Onboarding offer from TriCAT If you want to get your future participants “on board” at an early stage, create enthusiasm and remove any hidden fears of contact, we offer our introductory module for participants. In a relaxed atmosphere, your future workshop participants...
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Individual qualification concepts l Rollout support
We will be happy to advise you on training and qualification models or work with you to develop a customized concept for your organization. We are happy to support you for a successful and smooth rollout of TriCAT software in your company. For the optimal start of your trainers...
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5. TriCAT spaces® Congress

What is the difference between TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress?
TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress are two different applications (with different download or web links). The biggest differences are the possible number of people and the event management. In TriCAT spaces®, up to 40 people can meet on-demand – spontaneously and without...
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What are the roles in TriCAT spaces® Congress?
1. Moderators congress room SL (with event manager rights) 2. Protagonists congress room P (with participant rights) 3. Spectators (only in the congress room) 4. There is no spectator role in the breakout sessions, everyone has full avatar interactivity In the congress...
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For event guests - Welcome!
You have been or will be invited to a major event in the virtual 3D world TriCAT spaces Congress. Here you will find preliminary information about TriCAT spaces Congress as well as step-by-step instructions on how to join and navigate the congress room. 1. Technical Check...
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6. TriCAT spaces® Web

System requirements TriCAT spaces® Web Client
Operating System and Browser Windows 10 and Windows 11: Google Chrome from version 56 MS Edge from version 14 Mozilla Firefox from version 5 Mac OS X from Version 12 (older versions possibly with restrictions): Google Chrome from version 56 Linux: Mozilla...
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Feature and usage differences web version
Please note that some functions in TriCAT spaces® for Web differ from or are not available in the desktop client. In the main menu of TriCAT spaces® Web Deviating function Description > Up- and Download File Manager Separate buttons for upload and download in the file...
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7. Downloading and running the desktop application

Where can the application be downloaded?
In the mail inviting you to an event, there is a download link to the application: Alternatively, you can download TriCAT spaces® here. If you have received an invitation for TriCAT spaces® Congress, please only use the download link from your invitation mail.
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The Mac client displays black screen at startup (startup takes a long time)
This occurs when TriCAT spaces® is started directly from the downloaded .dmg file.Please install the application correctly (drag the application from the opened .dmg file to Programs) and start it from the installed programs afterwards. Otherwise, communication with the system will...
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The firewall is blocking the application
The Windows firewall must not block the application. Please click Allow access.If you are not using a standard Windows firewall, please click Do not block.
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The virus scanner classifies spaces as a threat
To perform the download, you can add an exception to your virus scanner. The download process is secured.
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How to remove TriCAT spaces® spaces?
TriCAT spaces® delete on Windows: 1. Go to your file browser and enter “%localappdata%” without quotes. Then confirm with Enter. 2. The file path “User > Username > AppData > Local” opens. Locate the “TriCAT” folder and delete...
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TriCAT spaces® Download
We are pleased that you would like to use TriCAT spaces®! Download for PC Download for Mac (permission may need to be granted on first launch) If you have been invited to an event in TriCAT spaces® Congress, please be sure to use the link from your invitation email. You...
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TriCAT spaces® application gets deleted from Downloads folder
After downloading the TriCAT-spaces application via a browser it is not in the Downloads folder. There is only the information: “File moved or deleted”. The McAfee WebAdvisor is responsible, which classifies the application as dangerous and automatically moves it to...
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8. Logging into the application and joining the event

How do I participate in an event?
If you have received an invitation email, follow the steps listed there as follows. Connect a headset with microphone to your computer. Download the application from your invitation email (“Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac”).Alternatively, click...
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How do I log in to the application?
The registration in the TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress application is independent of the role (event manager, participant, spectator) with which you were invited to an event. The registration process in the application is identical for all roles. For participants...
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I have not received an invitation email for the event
First, also check the mails in your suspected spam folder. If the mail cannot be found there either, contact the organizer.
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How do I create an account?
There are two different types of accounts: Organizer-Account Activated participant account Organizer-Account The Organizer account is created directly in the TriCAT spaces® portal for creating and booking events. The login data (e-mail address + personal password) are...
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What is a guest access code?
The guest access code is a one-time code per event (combination of numbers and/or letters), which makes event entry possible without owning an account. The code is created individually per person and event and should therefore not be passed on. It can be found in the invitation e-mail...
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Why have I not received a guest access code?
If you have not received a guest access code in your invitation e-mail, you have either already activated your account or you are an organizer and registered in the TriCAT spaces® portal. To log in to the application please use your e-mail address and your personal password.
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Why is the "Sessions" button grayed out?
Please log in first. You can find out more about logging into the application here.
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The mail for password reset does not arrive
Write a message to us at that your password should be reset manually.
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9. Technical questions during the event

How do I avoid echo or noise?
Noise may be generated when using the microphone or speakers on the computer. If possible, a headset should always be used. If a headset is not available, those who are affected can be muted or put on push to talk mode.
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Optimize audio and microphone transmission
Click on “Local settings” in the main menu and then on the “Audio” tab. In the output device and microphone selection, you can select other audio devices and microphones in the drop-down menu. If your headset is not listed there, close the application, reconnect...
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How can I improve the performance?
The performance depends on your internet connection and computer power. You can achieve better utilization by: Closing programs and updates in the background Using LAN instead of WLAN if possible In the TriCAT-spaces® local settings during the session: restrict the framerate and...
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The computer gets hot or noisy or the screen flickers
If the load on your computer is too high, you should improve the general performance if possible.
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No streaming possible for desktop sharing, web browser, video/audio player and cloud desktop
Note that no streaming function is available in the “First Steps”.If streams are unstable, you should improve your general performance. Furthermore, it is recommended to upload larger videos and audio files (over 40 MB) that you need in your session beforehand (either...
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What is a log file and where can I find it?
The logfile contains the log of actions and processes that run during your session in TriCAT spaces®. If errors occur, we may ask you for your logfile to locate the cause. Where and how you can find the logfile depends on your operating system and the initial situation. Windows,...
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10. Error messages when running/downloading the application.

TriCAT spaces® can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.
TriCAT spaces® is not listed in the Apple store. When opening it for the first time, authorization must be granted. For authorization, please perform the following steps: Download the application Drag the application to your Applications folder Right-click (or left-click + CRTL...
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TriCAT spaces® could not be configured. Make sure that you have at least 800 MB free disk space
If you receive this message despite having enough free space, the unpacking process is prevented by a restrictive network. Referring to our information, in restrictively secured networks, contact your IT department, which can unblock the correct ports and domains. If short-term...
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TriCAT spaces® could not be started. Do you want to try again?
Delete the application as described here. Download the application another time and execute it again.
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An error occurred while downloading. Would you like to see the log file to get further information?
This message is most likely caused by a restrictive network. Referring to our information in restrictively secured networks, contact your IT department, which can unblock the correct ports and domains.If short-term assistance from your IT department is not possible, switch to a guest...
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An unknown error has occurred
Delete the application as described here and install it again.
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This app can't run on your PC
You can find out more here.
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11. Error messages in the open application

Failed to connect to the application server
These error messages can have several causes:If you are connected to your company’s network, it may be blocking access to the server. Referring to our information on setting up in restrictively secured networks, contact your IT department, which can unblock the correct ports...
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Server not reachable
This error message can have several causes:If you are connected to your company’s network, it may be blocking access to the server. Referring to our information on setting up in restrictively secured networks, contact your IT department, which can unblock the correct ports and...
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Invalid login data - when entering the guest access code
If you have created an account in the meantime, the guest code loses its validity. You can only log in with your email address and password. Furthermore, check if you have downloaded the software that was linked in your invitation email and that you are not possibly using another...
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Invalid login data - when entering the account data
Check that you have entered the correct email address and password. You can reset the password if necessary.Furthermore, check if you have downloaded the software that was linked in your invitation email and that you are not possibly using another one to log in.
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There is currently no session booked for you
If there are still a few days between your attempt to join and the event, it may be that the event has not yet been officially booked and is therefore not displayed to you. In this case you can ask the organizer.
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Authentication failed
If you are connected to your company’s network, it may be blocking access to the server. Referring to our information on setting up in restrictively secured networks, contact your IT department, which can unblock the correct ports and domains.If short-term assistance from your...
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