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How do I create an account?

There are two different types of accounts:

  • Organizer-Account
  • Activated participant account


The Organizer account is created directly in the TriCAT spaces® portal for creating and booking events. The login data (e-mail address + personal password) are later also used to log in to the application for event entry. An organizer can authorize other persons in his account to create, book and join events via the portal (Portal: >My Account >Supervisor – Access Rights).

Activated participant account

Participants who have received an invitation e-mail for an event are forwarded to a landing page for account activation by clicking on the “Confirm participation” button. If the specified steps are then optionally carried out, they enter the TriCAT spaces® portal and receive an activated participant account at the end.

Advantages of account activation:

  • the displayed name in the application above the avatar can be saved
  • a profile picture can be uploaded and will be displayed next to the name above the avatar
  • the registration data for all events in TriCAT spaces® remain the same (e-mail address + personal password)
  • Overview in the portal of all events for which an invitation is available

Information about joining the event

If no account extension is performed, an event can be entered with the guest access code included in the invitation email (one-time code per event).

The registration in the TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress application is independent of the role (event manager, participant, spectator) with which you were invited to an event. The registration process in the application is identical for all roles.