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Cloud infrastructure l Security

TriCAT GmbH is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and a TISAX participant.

Cloud infrastructure information

  • It is ensured that the servers we use are located in Germany.
  • As standard, we use AWS Germany, with corresponding DSGVO-compliant agreements.
  • For persistent spaces, the infrastructure of Strato AG is mostly used.
  • It is also possible to use own servers (On Premise solution) for special requirements.


  • Our systems are secured with the latest technical capabilities.
  • Every communication path is encrypted with HTTPS, SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) = v1.2.
  • All stored files are provided with their own keys (AES 256), which are salted and stored in a file management database.
  • No plain text is stored at any point.
  • All users must authenticate themselves and are authorized according to their role. Events can therefore only be attended after invitation and corresponding authentication.
  • TriCAT spaces® is a distributed application.
  • Access to the backend structure is only possible in documented exceptional situations (support cases) strictly according to the 4-eyes principle by TriCAT.
  • Both the clients themselves and all client connections are only allowed after strict certificate checks (SSL inspection, man-in-the-middle not possible).
  • TriCAT enables auditing and penetration testing by external companies.