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Lead your company into the virtual future

Do you know how much more productive, agile and sustainable your company can be – without physical boundaries and limits imposed by time and space? We have the solutions as well as award-winning technology.

Integrated solutions for your virtual transformation

Lösungen für virtuelle Transformation

We believe that consulting and solutions go hand in hand

With 20 years of experience on the market, we are a pioneer and innovation driver for XR and AI-based ecosystems. Our solutions are mature – and our consulting is visionary. Benefit now from this experience and our powerful team of interdisciplinary specialists.

Tomorrow's working worlds will look different - increasingly integrated and virtual.

Digital machine twins, cyber-physical systems, simulation-based learning, remote collaboration, virtual services & support: at TriCAT, we integrate these fields into highly productive learning and working environments in 3D.

Virtuelle Zukunft mit 3D-Modellen

Worlds of the future for learning and collaboration - ready to implement now

Immediately available in the form of software as a service or an enterprise-integrating platform? We have the right concept and the right products for your challenges – and your virtual visions.

Lern- und Arbeitswelten - Workshop

One platform, countless possibilities: Optimise all areas of your business with TriCAT

Technology & Engineering

Increase efficiency

Simulate complex technical processes, develop machines and train for specific scenarios: It’s all possible with TriCAT. Ensuring fast processes and efficient problem solving.

Marketing & Sales

Greater reach, more visitors

The future of events will be virtual, not digital, for it is only possible virtually and in 3D to combine spatial experience and encounters resembling physical presence with people all over the world.

Training & Employee Development


Don’t burden your employees with documents and instructions – instead, ensure they quickly learn the ropes and can navigate a virtual space.

Customer service & Support

Save time,
reduce costs

No matter how complex a product is, support doesn’t have to be: Take your customers by the hand – virtually, without endless phone calls or time-consuming on-site visits.

Success makes for the best stories

From hidden champions to global corporations: many companies already rely on TriCAT’s virtual solutions. Discover some of our success stories for yourself.

Data protection and IT security: integrated and certified at TriCAT