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Information about the setup in restrictively secured networks


Either port 80 or preferably port 443 must be enabled for the TCP protocol. Proxy servers can be configured in the application.

SSL Certificate Request

The TriCAT Spaces® client makes HTTPS requests to various domains, strictly checking the SSL certificate for validity. For the operation of the application, SSL inspection must therefore be disabled in the firewall or proxy server for requests to the following domains:


The following activities must also be permitted for the domains mentioned:

Application update
  • requires downloading and unpacking password-protected archives, as well as executing files contained in them (7zip.exe, spaces.exe, etc.) in the path %localappdata%/TriCAT on Windows-computers
The authentication of the client to the server
  • requires the allowed use of an MS Edge user agent request header
  • requires the permitted use of self-issued certificates
  • requires the certificate to be passed through or forwarded via proxy etc. between client and server