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How do I log in to the application?

The registration in the TriCAT spaces® and TriCAT spaces® Congress application is independent of the role (event manager, participant, spectator) with which you were invited to an event. The registration process in the application is identical for all roles.

For participants without activated account

You can log in to the application using the guest access code from your email invitation (under point 3a). The guest access code is a one-time code per event.

For participants with activated account

If you have activated your account, you need to use your e-mail address and your personally assigned password to log in. You can activate your account via your invitation e-mail by clicking on “Confirm participation”.

For organizers who created the event

As an organizer you can log in to the application with the same login data that you created for the TriCAT spaces® portal.

Guest access code information

  • Once you have activated your account, you will no longer receive a guest access code in all further invitations to events in TriCAT spaces®.
  • Please note that your guest access code will become invalid once you have activated your account (after confirming your participation via the invitation email).
  • If you were invited to an event with a guest access code and you subsequently upgraded your account, the guest access code is no longer valid for that event.