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Simulation training for healthcare professionals

Training for treatments and emergency situations in a risk-free and realistic way is now possible – with the immersive i:medtasim® simulation for training on virtual patients.
Without spatial limitations and high-fidelity phantoms.
Training individually or in a team
Featuring real-time communication & collaboration
Ready to implement anywhere and at any time.

Medical training on virtual patients

i:medtasim® enables highly immersive, virtual medical simulation training in highly realistic detail.

Ideal for difficult-to-train medical situations and rare medical phenomena, as well as for implementation as a basic training medium in the medical field.

Diagnostic & therapeutic equipment

For the virtual simulation training, you and your team will be fully equipped – among other things with:

  • Emergency backpack
  • Oxygen inhaler
  • Defibrillator
  • ECG monitor
  • Suction pump


Train as a team - act in real time

You will handle the situation using controllers and avatars. Your head and hand movements are precisely relayed. This ensures realistic social interaction both within the team and with the virtual patient.

A complete solution for everyone

i:medtasim® is designed for interprofessionalism and multidisciplinarity. Education and training along the entire rescue and care chain for a constantly growing number of user groups:

R&D with renowned partners

We are continuously developing i:medtasim® further, involving research and development partnerships with strong and competent partners.

Your contact partner at TriCAT

I am happy to advise you personally on i:medtasim®’s capabilities – to meet the needs of your healthcare professionals and your medical challenges.

Medical Graduate and Graduate teacher Markus Neuberger
Director of Medicine / Healthcare – TriCAT GmbH

Markus Neuberger

Additional features and functions

Various avatar types

Simulation training as an emergency doctor, emergency paramedic, paramedic, admitting doctor, emergency care / patient as a child or adult

Flexible application scenarios

Training indoors or outdoors / multi-user (team training) or single-user (individual training) / instruction tutorials

Trainer tools & trainer menu

Comprehensive trainer tools / training scenario selection / free choice of perspective / features for preparation, delivery, evaluation

Communication via 3D VoIP

3D VoIP in real time for all participants / immersive VR experiences thanks to 3D ambient sound

3D replay & analysis

3D replay of the training session including all actions and dialogues (no video) / free choice of perspective / time marker and comment function

User & session management

Easy management of users and training sessions / memory function / reload function


Possible training scenarios

Our virtual training scenarios are constantly being expanded for various professions in the fields of emergency medicine, intra-hospital patient care, nursing or physiotherapy. We integrate guideline-based case scenarios with significant educational benefits in cooperation with our renowned partners.

… and many more

Notfall Kind

This is what distinguishes i:medtasim® from conventional training methods

Medical training with high-fidelity simulators or on simulated patients is nowhere near as realistic as training in VR. Why? Here are 3 reasons.


Realistic symptoms and real-time patient reactions

Virtual actions elicit real reactions in the virtual patient – risk-free, but realistic. Furthermore, i:medtasim® dynamically displays leading symptoms and symptom severity. This is the only way to ensure realistic training in diagnostics and emergency care.
Patient mit Atemschwierigkeiten


Deep immersion in the emergency scenario

Trainees don’t just observe, they interact in the 3D environment in real time. The virtual world becomes reality, every action seems real.

Patient mit Atemschwierigkeiten


Store knowledge in the long term - achieve professional and operational confidence

Learning in VR means: performing real actions, making risk-free mistakes and learning from them in the long term.

i:medtasim makes training success measurable – and makes training possible anywhere and at any time.

i:medtasim notfall

Can be used immediately and everywhere: Train for emergencies now with i:medtasim®

Find out more about i:medtasim® simulation training without spatial limits for yourself – complete flexibility for one or more users.

Evolution and background

From a research project to success

It started with a vision: provide realistic training for medical emergencies – and save lives. Together with our research partners and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the EU’s European Social Fund, we set out on this journey in 2017 …

From practical experience: Medical training with

Discover how virtual reality and virtual simulation training are successfully used in medicine and healthcare.