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Train-the-Trainer | Training in 4 modules

Training in 4 modules

The training concept, which consists of 4 modules that build on one another, enables participants to use TriCAT spaces® routinely, confidently manage participants, and convey learning content in an exciting and sustainable way. After completing the training, participants will be able to conduct train-the-trainer courses themselves to qualify colleagues in their own companies.

To build up implementation competence and confidence, each participant is put into the role of a presenter during the training. Through this experience and the subsequent self-reflection of the practical sequences, the reflection of the group and that of the TriCAT trainers, the participants gain confidence in dealing with a learning world that may have been completely new to them until then. Technique, methodology-didactics and trouble shooting are dealt with intensively and practically. Between modules 3 and 4, all participants are given the opportunity to practice freely and prepare for the practical sequences.


Immerse, understanding, technology

At the beginning, the participants are familiarized with their own avatar and the controls. This immediately conveys how onboarding takes place in a virtual event and what the optimal preparation for this looks like. The trainees learn about spatiality and social interaction options as well as the connection features to the physical presence world. The first introduction to the operation of the interactive media boards takes place.


Technology pure

In the technical part all menus/tools including the scene editor for 3D objects and the creation of events in the booking portal are covered. Participants will perform actions hands-on during the training and will be familiar with most features & functions of TriCAT spaces® at the end.


Apply technology l Methodology didactics

The participants learn about the possibilities TriCAT spaces® offers in terms of methodology and didactics for the design of eventful and sustainable educational measures. Workshops will be held to work out how groups and individual participants can be activated and when which interactions and gamification elements can be effective. Everyone will be given the task of preparing their own training sequence from their own field for the last module. Between modules 3 and 4, free practice sessions are provided in TriCAT spaces®. There, everyone can prepare for their practice sequence in the real environment. Individually or in a team.


Practical sequences l Reflection l Trouble Shoot

The participants individually present their practical sequence and apply the methods and tools from the previous modules. All others act as trainees for the respective presenters. They reflect together. In this way, everyone receives important feedback from colleagues and the TriCAT trainers. Thus, participants gain confidence and acquire the ability to implement and act confidently in the execution of their training measures. In addition, trouble shooting measures are trained using examples.

Target group

Trainers, coaches, training managers, instructors as well as specialists and managers in companies with training responsibilities. The program is also aimed at all those responsible for training additional trainers for TriCAT spaces® in-house.


  • Duration per module: 1,5 hours
  • Groups from 1-4 people or 5-8 people
  • Free practice session between module 3 and 4
  • If participants have previous experience with TriCAT spaces®, the training content can be customized.
  • Costs on request

TriCAT Trainers

Our team of trainers – consisting of (media) computer scientists, content and customer success specialists, psychologists and didacticians – is looking forward to meeting you!


Online, directly in the virtual 3D learning and working world TriCAT spaces®.