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Introduction for participants by TriCAT

Onboarding offer from TriCAT

If you want to get your future participants “on board” at an early stage, create enthusiasm and remove any hidden fears of contact, we offer our introductory module for participants.

In a relaxed atmosphere, your future workshop participants meet with our trainers in TriCAT spaces® – and learn how to move and act safely in the virtual world. Ideally together with the future presenters. If the trainers are present, they can spontaneously establish initial contact with the participants. Onboarding is divided into 4 phases within an online appointment in TriCAT spaces®.

For TriCAT spaces® Congress guests, we offer separate onboarding options through TriCAT as part of the technology check.

PHASE 1: Arrival – Navigation – My Avatar

For many people, an avatar-based 3D world is a new and unfamiliar experience. Therefore, the first step is to become familiar with the avatar and its controls. Everyone then experiences social interaction opportunities together with the others through speech, movement and gestures as well as connection features to the physical world of presence.

PHASE 2: Experience rooms – Settings – Webcamfeed

In a short tour of the scenario, participants experience spatiality, their own virtual presence, and the presence of others. On a voluntary basis, the personal webcam feed can be activated. Individual audio and graphic settings (e.g. menu scaling, muting) are dealt with.

PHASE 3: Interactive Media Boards – Manage Files

The participants operate the media walls, whiteboards and smartboards and upload content from their desktops to the media walls. In a small workshop component, the trainees apply their acquired knowledge live. For this purpose, they are divided into groups and distributed in different rooms.

PHASE 4: Present – Chat – Editor

The groups all meet again after the workshop part for the presentation of results. Text and voice chat will be explained. The participants learn how to interact with the objects of the unlocked scene editor, how to behave in audio zones, how to sit down, and much more.

Please note that this offer is not a technical training for event organizers.

  • Duration approx. 90 minutes
  • Cost per person 90,00 EUR net
  • From 4 people
  • Graduated prices on request