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TriCAT spaces Congress

The online event tool for your virtual event

Organise trade fairs, employee, customer and industry events – easily and virtually: with TriCAT spaces Conference you can welcome up to 500 people to your event in 3D.

Present your content effectively

Present all your content impressively on large and interactive media boards. Demonstrate videos, live streams and stage your products and 3D models with the 3D Viewer – directly on stage. Simply design the stage set according to your ideas with a large selection of decorative elements and furniture.

Create an unforgettable experience with enormous reach and enable interactive networking. For just a few hours or over several days at trade fairs and congresses.

Interactive conference room for large-scale productions

Captivate your international audience with a brilliant stage show featuring your own branding and set-ups  – and special effects. Bring your event to life and activate specific microphones, communicate via chat and use the integrated voting and polling tools.

Prepare together in the backstage area. With live broadcasting directly from the stage. Bring presenters and panellists consecutively from the backstage area onto the stage. Or all at the same time for a panel discussion. All with their own avatars.

Complete interaction in breakout sessions

From the conference room directly into breakout sessions. There, all the features and functions of TriCAT spaces are available for pure interaction and immersion. All participants use their own avatar for interactions. Design the spaces of up to 25 parallel breakout sessions, for example, in exhibition halls with fully interactive exhibition stands, workshop, training and barcamp rooms. You can switch from one breakout session to the next or back to the conference room via the event plan.

Set the stage for your products and apply agile methods.

From in-house events to international trade fairs

Create your individual trade fair and information stands – with everything that goes with them – in just a few minutes using the scene editor. Your visitors can move freely with their own avatars in the exhibition halls and at the exhibition stands. This creates natural conversational situations just like at face-to-face events – from the broad visitor approach right up to confidential closing discussions.

Interactive 3D models bring your products to life – from simple visualisation all the way to an impressive virtualisation twin of your digital machines and plants.

Your next major event with TriCAT spaces Conference

We will accompany you from your initial concept to the virtual event – including a trial run for your team, training for moderators and live support before and during the event. Let’s get started.

TriCAT spaces Conference features and functions

Extensive reach

Large international events for up to 500 people with their own avatars. Reach thousands of people via live stream directly from the conference room.

Conference room

Flexible lecture and presentation possibilities for up to 36 speakers with fully interactive avatars simultaneously on stage or in the backstage area.

Breakout sessions

With all the features of TriCATspacesand for up to 40 people each. Free switching between up to 25 breakout sessions and the conference room.

Presentation highlights in 3D

More possibilities than with face-to-face events thanks to interactive 3D objects and digital twins, media boards for countless formats, season & party packages, scene editor and much more.

Branding & space effects

Personalisation in your branding. Use of special effects. Maximum freedom of design for the rooms. Set-ups for the immediate application of agile methods.

Communication & surveys

Integrated survey tool. Feedback via a show of hands or chat. In the conference room, the microphone can be activated for spectators.

Make your event: a unique experience!

Create unique virtual 3D events for conferences, trade fairs, barcamps or kick-offs with TriCAT spaces Conference.

You determine the participants and we will invite them for you.

In the run-up to the event, we launch a persistent space (24/7). During this time, your guests have the opportunity to perform a connection check and familiarise themselves with TriCAT spaces. Your guests can even meet other event participants – you can even join them too!

We offer a test run for all speakers, including guest speakers. You can run through the entire process as well as all your presentations and set-ups and save them for the day of the event.

To ensure a relaxed delivery, all moderators will receive joint training.

Our support team will accompany you before and during the event and will also be available on call during the breakout sessions.

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What makes TriCAT spaces Conference unique?

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Your next major event with TriCAT spaces Conference

We accompany you from your initial concept to the virtual event with TriCAT spaces Conference – including a trial run for your team, training for moderators and live support. Let’s get started.

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