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Tips for a successful start

We have the following tips for a successful start:

  • Please check if you meet the system requirements (Deskop application or Web application).
  • Perform the download in time (only necessary once). Alternatively, you can download the web version of TriCAT spaces® before the session begins.
  • Ensure a strong WLAN signal. Using a wired connection, will help you get a more stable connection.
  • Close unneeded applications and make sure your system does not receive or run updates during the event.
  • Your bandwidth can be degraded by parallel video or audio streaming and by data sharing programs.
  • Connect laptops to a power supply and deactivate the energy-saving mode or activate the high-performance mode.
  • Make sure your microphone/camera is open regarding the Windows 10 privacy policy (Windows 10: Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone > (> Camera) Allow apps to access your microphone (camera) > On).
  • If you want to pin the TriCAT spaces® application to your taskbar, please perform the pinning as described below (this is the only way to ensure that you will receive all updates automatically and that the application will run smoothly the next time you start it): After downloading TriCAT Spaces® (for PC), please click on > Downloads in your Windows Explorer, then right-click on the TriCAT_Spaces.exe, then select > Pin to taskbar.
  • Go through the tutorial in the main menu of the TriCAT spaces® application under > First Steps > Tutorial: Your Avatar.
  • Be sure to use a headset!
  • A computer mouse is advantageous for navigation.