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TriCAT spaces Platform

Are you ready for your virtual ecosystem?

Our powerful TriCAT spaces platform enables networked virtualisation across your business – and for your partners, suppliers and customers. How? With the full potential of artificial intelligence and extended reality. Find out more now.

Connect every level of the innovation and value chain at your company

From product development to employee training, marketing and support, TriCAT’s XR / AI platform virtualises the processes of working, learning and meeting – both in and within the scope of your business.

Imagine the world of tomorrow - and make it happen today

Tomorrow’s companies are not only digitised, they are virtualised – and therefore more agile, more efficient, more future-proof.

In this world of tomorrow ...

In this world of tomorrow …

… products, machines and plants are virtualised as digital twins – and employees, customers and partners are flexibly trained in virtual academies.

… products and services are staged in virtual showrooms, trade fairs and events – to be experienced immersively in 3D.

… XR technology supports all planning, production and support activities.

… creation, management and collaboration take place in an agile and highly productive way – with internal and external partners all over the world. In virtual meetings, workshops and project sessions. In real time.

Bring the future into your company seamlessly today

Whether for collaborative multi-user use or highly interactive single-user applications for learning or assistance, our goal is to make your business more productive with the TriCAT spaces platform.

We’re here to support you with ...

… situation- and target group-oriented solutions on different end devices – from tablet/desktop use accessible at any time to high-end VR glasses.

… innovative AI services as well as sophisticated editors for fast customisability and even more customer benefits.

… precisely fitting in the provision of our software as an on-premises or cloud-based solution.

… extensive interfaces for content and object models, IT systems as well as integration with the physical world.


Your journey to your own corporate metaverse

With TriCAT spaces as a SaaS solution, it’s easy to get started. No risk. No investment. Start being productive right away. How far you expand your own XR/KI-based meeting, learning and collaboration ecosystem is up to you.



3D Virtual Classroom as a SaaS solution





Building an XR/AI-based ecosystem



Cross-organisational expansion

And what can we do for you?

Talk with us now. Together we will find solutions for your challenges and ideas.

KI − XR − Virtual Twins

Directly implement these great future technologies - now.

Our technology platform is powerful and highly innovative because we have been developing with future solutions in mind for decades. Working together with strong research partners from the scientific, industrial and business sectors.

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Use artificial intelligence and data-driven technology - for better decisions and greater productivity

Highly productive learning and working environments and AI tutors for adaptive learning, developed by our AI experts and research partners:
Profit from data intelligence and AI now.

Open up new potential in your value chain - with Extended Reality

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse … Do you know the groundbreaking potential of Extended Reality for your entire company? Exactly our field of expertise – overall and in detail: from reducing costs to increasing agility to completely new business models – with just one platform.
Extended Reality Maschine

Much more than just an avatar: Virtual Humans for immersive experiences, learning and collaboration

Virtual Humans enable us as people to move and meet in virtual spaces, to communicate and react in real life. This is exactly what creates: embodiment – experiencing with your mind and body. We are already using the future-oriented possibilities of avatars and virtual humans. Are you too?

Virtueller Mensch
spaces 3D-Modell

Virtual-digital product twins for development, training, marketing, sales, support and more

Free yourself from physical limits and high resource usage: rely on fully virtualised training and education, virtual trade fairs and showrooms as well as digital machine twins up to fully integrated cyber-physical systems.

We're happy to advise you personally on all these topics.

Data protection and IT security: integrated and certified at TriCAT

Data and operational security are our top priority: This also means that every data transmission at TriCAT is encrypted. In addition, we are TÜV-certified as well as being TISAX participants.

A virtual world for your company - infinite usage perspectives


Training & Simulation


Virtual Classroom & Academy


Assistance & Performance Support


Collaboration & Co-Creation


Conferences & Events


Marketing & Sales


Service & Support


Recruiting & Onboarding