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What are the options for using TriCAT spaces®?

TriCAT spaces® on-demand

The on-demand solution is suitable for companies and trainers/coaches who want to hold events with up to 40 people sporadically without entering into a contractual commitment. TriCAT Spaces® is ready to use out of the box. Meeting hours are charged based on the room package and number of attendees. Each event can be booked individually and the exact number of credits for booking can be uploaded to the free account in the TriCAT spaces® portal.

TriCAT spaces® as SaaS-Version

Software-as-a-Service is aimed at companies that use TriCAT spaces® frequently or very frequently. Hourly quotas are purchased (150 or 500 hours) with each session hour costing the same – regardless of the number of participants and the room package. With this type of use, 3rd level support is available. Once an hourly quota has been consumed, it is possible to switch to monthly consumption billing. White label solutions powered by TriCAT, on premise, single sign-on, interfaces, integrations, special room constellations as well as further expansion stages are possible.

TriCAT spaces® persistent rooms

A TriCAT persistent room (scenario) is suitable for project groups or teams with up to 50 people who want to work together synchronously and asynchronously. The rooms enable structured competence and project development. Materials can be made available permanently for use and iterative processing at any time. Core competencies and resources can be linked dynamically and interdisciplinarily in cross-company project teams. The respective persistent space is available 24/7, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

TriCAT spaces® Congress

TriCAT spaces Congress® is designed for large events such as trade fairs, industry and social events as well as product launches, exhibitions and congresses for 60 – 500 participants. By transmitting a live stream from the congress space, thousands of people can be reached. The planning and implementation is done together with a team of interdisciplinary specialists from TriCAT.

Individual solutions

From your own virtual academy, the illustration of your headquarters or your machines and plants to the construction of a company city or a virtual factory, we can realize all conceivable scenarios, enrich them with AI, incorporate gamification elements and scoring systems as well as self-learning scenarios for on- and offline operation, store physics in machines and processes, create digital machine twins and realize VR or HMD (head-mounted display) environments.

TriCAT spaces® Platform

The powerful TriCAT spaces® platform enables interconnected virtualization within the company to partners, suppliers and customers with the potential of artificial intelligence and extended reality. From product development to employee training, marketing/sales and support: With the XR-/AI-platform the processes of working, learning and meeting can be virtualized and all levels of the innovation and value chain can be connected. Fully virtualized training courses, trade fairs, showrooms as well as digital machine twins up to fully integrated cyber-physical systems can be experienced intensively in 3D.