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What is the difference between 3D worlds like TriCAT spaces® and other communication platforms?

Immerse and experience presence

The choice of communication platform always depends on the context and goal of the event. Virtual 3D worlds allow users to immerse themselves in the situation and experience the training or meeting as if they were present. If users are not only to passively absorb content, but also actively process and cocreate, the high level of interaction, multisensory presentation, liveliness and realism of TriCAT spaces support the learning or creative process.

Proximity despite distance

In TriCAT spaces®, users develop a real sense of presence and feel proximity to each other – despite physical distance. Users see the world through the eyes of their own avatar, hear who is speaking in front of them and behind them through 3D voice-over-IP. They interact, act and learn with the virtual self. Through intensive immersion in the situation and a variety of interaction possibilities in TriCAT spaces®, they can learn in an action-oriented way and the transfer to everyday (work) life is promoted or made possible.

Simply remove limitation of the physical world

The multimedia possibilities and tools of the real world are extended in the 3D environment, as the limitations of the physically present environment is simply removed. Thus TriCAT spaces® promotes learning success and exchange. The motivation is increased up to a flow experience.

Work together collaboratively and efficiently

TriCAT spaces® also provides a fun factor. Thanks to TriCAT spaces®, users can be distributed worldwide and still work together collaboratively and efficiently. From virtual meetings to sales and product training, to coaching and training, everything is possible in TriCAT spaces®.