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TriCAT spaces®

Unique Virtual Spaces for your company

Connect with your customers, partners and colleagues worldwide within minutes – in virtual 3D worlds. For meetings, workshops, coaching, training and more.

Experience the world through the eyes of your avatar

TriCAT spaces® enables you to communicate and work intuitively and interactively with your own customisable avatar.

A sense of real presence regardless of the distance – and collaboration in real time. No matter where you and your guests are.

Diverse 3D worlds for learning and working - get started right away

Quick and easy to use! Choose the virtual room that suits you on-demand and customise it with logos, banners and much more – invite your guests and get started! Without contractual obligations.

For meetings, training or coaching sessions, for virtual meetings indoors and outdoors – without the limitations of face-to-face events.

Create your own scenarios - use rooms 24/7

Modify and design existing rooms via the scene editor in a target group-specific and situationally appropriate way with freely positionable media objects, audio zones, exhibition stands, walls and extensive furnishings.  Create your showroom.

Created scenes can be saved with one click and loaded into subsequent events for repeated use.

Or choose persistent spaces for global team collaboration – synchronous or asynchronous – 24/7.

Flexible features - great possibilities: Only possible with TriCAT spaces®

Experience products in 3D - vividly, interactively

Place your existing 3D objects freely in the scenario with the 3D Viewer – complete with animated processes and functions. Or let us create 3D models for you.

Design your training courses, training sessions and presentations as well as your virtual showroom using interactive 3D objects.

Wide range of methods - easy to use

Develop ideas, solve problems in workshops, meetings, training sessions? No problem with TriCAT spaces®:

Use design thinking, co-creation, scrum boards, kanban boards, open space, fishbowl, station talks, systemic / sociometric constellations, time boxing and more.

Save your methods and results and simply continue working on them at the next event. 

Work together productively - and learn in an agile environment

Our interactive media walls help you to be limitlessly productive and agile: in TriCAT spaces® you can easily access, share and collaborate on content.

From presentations, videos, desktop sharing and webcam feeds to a virtual desktop – everything is possible in TriCAT spaces®.

Software as a Service

TriCAT spaces® gives you direct access to your new virtual 3D learning and working worlds. Discover our flexible package models with hourly billing – without any contractual commitment.

Work together productively within minutes - as a team and in real time

A PC or laptop, a headset with a microphone and a mouse: that’s all you need to get started with TriCAT spaces®.

Interactive media boards

Communicate all your content effectively and sustainably – from simple presentation slides to interactive collaborative work.

  • Any desired placement, scaling and duplication of different board types
  • integrated web browser and cloud desktop
  • desktop sharing
  • viewing of webcam feed
  • support of numerous formats
  • save and export function
  • placing text cards and pins
  • painting/drawing
  • tables function
  • simultaneous access for all participants
  • access management
  • zoom
  • laser pointer
    • .


Experience convincing acoustics with 3D VoIP surround sound. Hear exactly where a person in the room is talking to you from – as if you were actually there.

  • Avatars can move freely, sit down, perform hand signals and clap
  • Voting option via thumbs up/down
  • Lip syncing for avatars when speaking
  • Mimic control
  • Text chat to all, groups or private
  • Separate voice chat 1: 1 between 2 people
  • Survey tool
  • Freely configurable audio zones
  • Laser pointer
  • German and English as standard – optionally available in a total of 13 languages

Moderator tools

Guide your guests through your events in a relaxed and professional manner with the help of extensive moderator tools.

  • Join the event 30 minutes before the start
  • Share view with everyone and fly a drone through the scenario
  • Controllable role and rights management
  • Switch to a participant’s view
  • Create groups and transport them through the scenario, transport individual participants, start assembly mode
  • Configure audio settings for participants during an event
  • 1: 1 voice chats to other participants
  • Open voice channel can be activated for entire scenario
  • Transfer scene editor to participants
  • Event extension during ongoing event
  • Guest access blocking before event starts

Scene Editor & 3D Viewer

Modify spaces freely to suit your ideas and stage your products impressively in any size and quantity with the 3D Viewer.

  • Maximum modification of existing spaces
  • Free placement of 3D viewers with your uploaded 3D models in any quantity
  • Placement, scaling and duplication of all media objects such as interactive boards, note cards, media floors, etc.
  • Free construction of exhibition stands and showrooms in your CI/CD, incl. 3D product presentation, videos, brochure display, banners, etc.
  • Free construction with editable geometric bodies
  • Insertion and removal of furniture and decorative elements. “Empty scenes” are possible.
  • Free setting of audio zones
  • Independent saving and loading of many individually created scenes
  • Start scene set-up via the portal

Maximum variety of methods

Stay competitive and apply agile methods like Design Thinking & Co-Creation on-demand. You and your team will benefit immediately from their added value!

  • Ready to use methods and formats: Barcamp, world and theme café, SCRUM and Kanban boards, open space, fishbowl, station talks, information trail/marketplace, sociometric and systemic constellations, standups, timeboxing, map polling, buzz group, one minute paper, labyrinths and many more.
  • Split participants into small groups for tasks
  • Complete survey tool with representation in different diagram types
  • Many voting methods such as interactive scales, thumbs up/down, voting with feet
  • Create together and use and develop these creations multiple times in further workshops
  • To change the atmosphere – depending on the scenario – room walls can be coloured, an oversized chess board and a large garden can be used, participants can even sit around a campfire

Season & party packages

Season and Party Packages make your meetings more colourful and turn them into a special experience with exciting effects!

  • Pop the corks (virtually) with the Party Package! Festively decorated tables, birthday cakes, lanterns and colourful balloons make for a great party location.
  • Build your Christmas decorations with fairy lights, giant candy canes, Christmas trees, snowmen, gift packages, an open fireplace and much more – or just let it snow for a change.
  • In the Halloween package, the creepy clown leaps out of its box, spiders stick to the walls and lots more
  • Surprise your guests!

Organise & host

Register, create an event and get started right away. All in the TriCAT spaces® portal, your central participant and event management system.

  • Download participant lists and attendance times
  • Global media management
  • Extensive selection of virtual rooms
  • Personalisation/branding of scenarios
  • Role management
  • Two-factor authentication can be activated
  • Access guests with guest code or registration
  • Create and invite contact groups
  • Automatic invitation emails incl. calendar entry
  • Monitor admissions or cancellations
  • Create contact groups
  • Automatic invitation emails incl. calendar entry
  • Monitor RSVPs or cancellations
  • Create serial appointments
  • Set saved start scenes
  • Create directories for content freely
  • Price calculator for exact cost calculation
  • Pay when booking based on each individual event
  • Display profile picture above avatars
  • Restart completed events
  • Archive


Choose a realistic looking avatar, personalise it and experience complete interactivity across all scenarios.

  • Interaction with objects
  • Personalisation remains saved for revisits
  • Lip sync when speaking
  • Actions: Report, wave, thumbs up/down
  • Gesture: Waving, clapping and facial expression control
  • Walking, running, sitting
  • Avatar-viewing function (360° round trip around own avatar)
  • Profile picture display above avatar
  • Webcam feed can be activated above avatar
  • Name plate above avatar (can be hidden)
  • Display with direction arrow, which avatar is speaking
  • Control with arrow keys or WASD, also via computer mouse
  • First-person perspective for maximum immersion
  • For event managers, additional drone flight through the scenario and 3rd person view
  • Laser pointer

Program settings

Adjust TriCAT spaces® to perfectly suit your computer in terms of graphics quality and screen resolution. Or simply switch to another system language.

  • 13 languages optionally available
  • Menu scaling for optimal readability
  • Disable names above avatars for e.g. Disable screenshots mode
  • Increase/decrease graphics quality during or before the event, limit refresh rate, adjust screen resolution, full screen mode
  • Integrated connection and audio check
  • Accessibility – the user interfaces of the TriCAT programmes comply with the Accessible Web Content Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
as far as possible.

Use TriCAT dynamically across all business areas - for rapid results and significantly reduced costs.

Enterprise solution

How will people work, learn and train at your company – now and in the future? What are your goals? We will provide you with advice on sophisticated virtual solutions and implement them. On an individual basis and with the latest technology.

Software as a Service

TriCAT spaces® gives you direct access to your new virtual 3D learning and working worlds. Discover our flexible package models with hourly billing – without any contractual commitment.

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