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Category: i:medtasim

VR at Johanniter Academy

Johanniter-Akademie NDS / Bremen führt nach BMBF Forschungsprojekt ViTAWIN VR-Software i:medtasim® regelhaft in der Rettungsdienstausbildung ein. Nachdem die Johanniter-Akademie Niedersachsen / Bremen im BMBF Forschungsprojekt

Fresenius University trains in VR

Together with TriCAT GmbH, the Department of Health & Social Sciences is launching a project to enrich teaching and further develop self-study. In cooperation with

Cooperation with Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) and TriCAT GmbH are starting a joint cooperation to implement new medical cases in the virtual learning and training environment i:medtasim®.

MRS trains first responders in virtual reality

The Medical Retrieval Service GmbH uses i:medtasim On 15.09.2021, the handover of the highly immersive multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim to the MRS training centre

Distribution partnership between TriCAT and SKILLQUBE

Die digitale Transformation im Medizinbereich verändert die Qualifizierung in Aus-, Weiter- und Fortbildungsmaßnahmen für Ersthelfer, Pflegepersonal und Ärzteschaft erheblich. Schon in den letzten Wochen des

Distribution Partnership with Mefina Medical

TriCAT says “yes” to pro-active distribution partnership TriCAT’s highly-immersive multi-user VR training environment i:medtasim is now being placed on the market together with branch professional Mefina