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TriCAT news

VR at Johanniter Academy

Johanniter-Akademie NDS / Bremen introduces VR software i:medtasim® regularly in rescue service training after BMBF research project ViTAWIN. After the Johanniter Academy Lower Saxony /

Hochschule Fresenius probiert i:medtasim

Fresenius University trains in VR

Together with TriCAT GmbH, the Department of Health & Social Sciences is launching a project to enrich teaching and further develop self-study. In cooperation with

Cooperation with Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) and TriCAT GmbH are starting a joint cooperation to implement new medical cases in the virtual learning and training environment i:medtasim®.

MRS trains first responders in virtual reality

The Medical Retrieval Service GmbH uses i:medtasim On 15.09.2021, the handover of the highly immersive multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim to the MRS training centre

Mefina Medical Virtueller Patient

Distribution Partnership with Mefina Medical

TriCAT says “yes” to pro-active distribution partnership TriCAT’s highly-immersive multi-user VR training environment i:medtasim is now being placed on the market together with branch professional Mefina

TriCAT news

Nursing VR Training

Bamberg Academies and TriCAT collaborate to Develop Nursing Training in Virtual Reality (VR) In the future, VR will be used for training at the Skills

Virtuelles Einsatzkräftetraining Johanniter

Best Practice DRK Landesschule

i:medtasim® at paramedic schools – From now on the highly immersive multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim® by TriCAT is used at the emergency paramedic schools

Markus Neuberger von i:medtasim

Markus Neuberger is a founding member

Head of the Business Unit Medicine / Healthcare becomes founding member of the section “Simulation & Team Training” of the DBRD e.V. (German Professional Association