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VR at Johanniter Academy

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Johanniter-Akademie NDS / Bremen introduces VR software i:medtasim® regularly in rescue service training after BMBF research project ViTAWIN.

After the Johanniter Academy Lower Saxony / Bremen researched the use and benefits of virtual reality in the interprofessional setting from 2019 to 2022 in the BMBF research project ViTAWIN alongside TriCAT GmbH, the academy management advocated the regular use of VR technology in rescue service training before the end of the project.

Image source: Johanniter Akademie NDS/Bremen

At the end of February 2022, the time had come – the software could be delivered in Hanover. Since the Johanniter Academy, as a well-known innovation driver, was already equipped with VR technology, it was possible to start immediately with the content-related introduction of the teaching staff to the multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim®.

„[…] With the introduction of i:medtasim, we have a highly interactive and collaborative training environment that is highly authentic and links to the professional experiences of our participants. It represents a significant enrichment of our method repertoire and enables additional hands-on learning situations within the emergency medicine learning fields.”

Kersten Enke, Head of Johanniter-Akademie Niedersachsen/Bremen.

“I am very pleased that we can now welcome our ViTAWIN consortium partner Johanniter-Akademie Hannover to the circle of i:medtasim® users beyond the joint project,” says Markus Neuberger, who, as business unit manager for medicine at TriCAT GmbH, performed the introduction in Hannover.

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