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Cooperation Uniklinik Tübingen / Tüpass / TriCAT

VR Uniklinik Tübingen

Picture source: Dr. Robert Wunderlich, Uniklinik Tübingen

Since Q1 2022, TriCAT has been cooperating with the University Hospital of Tübingen and Tüpass in the development and implementation of new virtual medical case scenarios in the fields of emergency medicine, anesthesia and disaster medicine based on the VR learning and training environment i:medtasim®. This is now the third medical faculty in Baden-Württemberg to use virtual medical software solutions from TriCAT.

Tübingen University Hospital and Tüpass have a high level of expertise in the field of education and training of medical students as well as other medical professions. Therefore, the virtual case scenarios can be directly integrated into daily training practice, evaluated and scientifically accompanied within the framework of the project. The scenarios should be able to be carried out autonomously, i.e. without the use of trainers.

“Training and teaching in the medicine field is developing rapidly. Thus, new techniques such as teaching with the support of virtual reality are a real advance. We are pleased to be able to develop a total of 25 scenarios for emergency medicine, anesthesiology and disaster medicine as part of one of the medical faculty’s ProfilPLUS grants, and to integrate them into teaching over the next few months!” 

Dr. Robert Wunderlich, Lecturer at the University Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

“Through the medical-professional consultation as well as the curricular implementation by the experts of the Universitätsklinikum Tübingen and Tüpass, the decisive professional-content quality of the product development is ensured. Therefore, we are very pleased for and with our two cooperation partners to now sustainably establish the VR technology, based on the already market-established, immersive multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim, as a standard in teaching in Tübingen over the next 24 months.” 

Markus Neuberger, Business Unit Manager Medicine at TriCAT GmbH, sees great opportunities for all cooperation partners

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