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Teaching Award 2023 of the FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences

Physiotherapy goes VR

The research project “Development of Digital Learning Worlds – Conquering Virtual 3D Learning and Working Worlds with Students”, headed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolf, wins the 2023 Teaching Award of the FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences.

Together with TriCAT GmbH, the Department of Health & Social Services launched the project to enrich teaching and further develop self-study. In cooperation with the university didactics, scenarios are being tested and researched – which are intended to make teaching and learning at the FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences fit for the future through the use of VR in teaching and self-study. The starting point is the highly immersive multi-user VR software i:medtasim®, which enables learning via VR.

In the research project, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolf, selected course directors and Olaf Pütz from the Department of Studies & Teaching as well as Birgit Döringer, Instructional Designer of the department, are working on the integration and further development of new media in university teaching. The basis of the research project is the cooperation with the Department of Medicine / Healthcare of TriCAT GmbH from Ulm, with whose support concrete case-based examples are being created.

n addition, the topic “AI-assisted self-study” will be initiated.

At a hybrid award ceremony held by the FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Prof. Wolf was honored to receive the 2023 Teaching Award from the FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the project team.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the great cooperation with the team of university didactics Olaf Pütz and Birgit Döringer as well as the TriCAT team around Markus Neuberger. This award marks a first important milestone in the development of a unique digital VR learning scenario for the study and education of the therapy professions. I look forward to the next steps and further collaboration with this team.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolf, Hochschule FRESENIUS

Project duration: 01.03. – 31.12.2023

Image source: Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolf

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