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ZaNowi trains with VR software i:medtasim® from TriCAT.

The Centre for Applied Emergency Science (ZaNowi) put the TriCAT VR software i:medtasim into operation last week.

The software and hardware equipment allows emergency training in a team. The virtual patient is cared for by cooperating actors – in different roles – under real conditions in real time. The main focus is on rapid decision-making, coordinated team communication and the safe operation and application of defined procedures.

Leander Thormann – Managing Director of ZaNowi GmbH – states: “Thanks to TriCAT’s i:medtasim® software, virtual scenarios can now also be trained in the preclinical and clinical environment. i:medtasim® enables highly-immersive, virtual medical simulation training in realistic quality. We are pleased to be able to work together with TriCAT GmbH on innovative learning methods for the future. We thank Mr. Neuberger for the partnership and look forward to our common path.”

Image source: ZaNowi
Image source: ZaNowi

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