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VR at the vocational school of the fire brigade in Hanover

The vocational school for emergency paramedics of the Hanover fire brigade relies on virtual reality.

This means that the list of rescue service training institutions that rely on VR solutions from TriCAT as innovation drivers is getting longer and longer.

After the procurement of the hardware, the first teachers were instructed in the basics of using i:medtasim® on Monday, May 8th, 2023. In the future, these participants will be responsible for the use of VR technology in training and teaching at the school in Hanover.

“With i:medtasim® we are expanding the possibilities in simulation and rescue service training and further education. By immersing ourselves deeply in the scenario and working through the case studies realistically using the VR simulation, we can train critical emergency situations more intensively.”

Jeanette Mirandé (M.A.), team leader vocational school for emergency paramedics

With the VR software i:medtasim®, teachers now have the opportunity to train different preclinical and in-clinical application scenarios in virtual reality. It is even possible to work with a mobile solution regardless of location.

“This is another step into the future of action-oriented education and training. Expanding training to include virtual space is a contemporary and innovative way.”

Markus Hardt (B.A.),
Vocational school for emergency paramedics

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