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Markus Neuberger von i:medtasim

Markus Neuberger is a founding member

Head of the Business Unit Medicine / Healthcare becomes founding member of the section “Simulation & Team Training” of the DBRD e.V. (German Professional Association

Herausforderungen für den Gesundheitsstandort BW

Forum Health Location Baden-Württemberg

The business unit Medicine | Healthcare of TriCAT GmbH is a participant in the Forum Health Location Baden-Württemberg. The Forum Health Location Baden-Württemberg aims to

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ViTAWiN consortium meeting

Research project VR/AR in vocational education and training On 15 and 16 October 2019, TriCAT and the other consortium partners of the ViTAWiN research project

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Development i:medtasim

TriCAT developed i:medtasim as a project partner of the program Digital Media in Vocational Education and Training (DIMEBB2) from the Federal Ministry of Education and

Epicsave Einsatz

Emergency Paramedics train in VR

An insect bite or the consumption of the wrong treat can lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction. Quick and expert assistance after appropriate training is