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VR training for individual medical patient care at Ruhr University

At the Institute for Research and Teaching (IFL) of the Faculty of Medicine at Ruhr University Bochum, students are now training individual medical patient care using the virtual reality software i:medtasim®.

The IFL of the Bochum University Hospital is thus the first institution of a medical faculty in North Rhine-Westphalia to use the technology of “virtual reality” based on the software i:medtasim®, from TriCAT GmbH in Ulm, in medical studies. The software i:medtasim® was already handed over to the team around Dr. Andreas Breuer-Kaiser on 04.05.2023 by Markus Neuberger, Business Unit Manager Medicine/Healthcare at TriCAT GmbH.

“We’re excited about implementing the new technology – It could be a value-add to individualize and increase efficiency in medical school.”

Dr. Breuer-Kaiser,
Oberarzt Anästhesiologie

The introduction to the system and the “Train-the-Trainer – Course” took place on the same day. The Institute for Research and Teaching (IFL) is an important component of the Bochum University Hospital and is located at the St. Josef Hospital. In addition to 100 workstations and laboratories, it also offers state-of-the-art teaching and simulation rooms and is available to researchers and teachers from all Bochum University Hospitals.

“We have a well established tutoring system at RUB – we will be testing the use of VR here as well and look forward to further development and collaboration.”

Dr. Breuer-Kaiser,
Oberarzt Anästhesiologie

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