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Cooperation with Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) and TriCAT GmbH are starting a joint cooperation to implement new medical cases in the virtual learning and training environment i:medtasim®.

The highly immersive multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim® by TriCAT will be used in student teaching at the Department of Anaesthesiology from the next semester.

In Heidelberg, training will not only take place in VR in the near future, but TriCAT will also develop new medical case scenarios in the field of airway management together with specialists from the university hospital. Heidelberg University Hospital is thus not only a user of the VR learning environment i:medtasim®, which is already being launched on the market in 2019, but will also be an active development partner for the next 24 months in order to explicitly adapt the application in the area of airway management to the needs of students and doctors.

The focus of the development is the implementation of a virtual premedication outpatient clinic in which various patients present themselves for elective procedures. On this basis, it will then be possible to evaluate these patients with different anatomies and anamneses with respect to the airway. In a further expansion stage, the focus will be on the development of a virtual operating theatre area in which anaesthesia induction takes place. Here, various degrees of severity of the difficult airway (expected and unexpected) are to occur in different patients and solution strategies for securing the airway are to be learned and applied.

The installation and commissioning of the software has already taken place and so the project in Heidelberg could start on 09.12.2021 in conformity with the corona ordinance.

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