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Johanniter Unfall Hilfe e. V. trains with i:medtasim®

Photo source: Frank Zirngibl/Johanniter

As one of the first Johanniter academies nationwide, the JUH Academy Bavaria already decided to introduce the highly immersive multi-user VR software i:medtasim® at the end of last year.

This makes the list of rescue service training facilities longer and the Bavarians are thus paving the way for further i:medtasim® launches at other JUH academy locations throughout Germany in 2022.

On Thursday, 26 January 2022, after the necessary hardware had been procured, the first teachers, who will in future be responsible for the use of VR technology in training and teaching at their JUH academy locations throughout Bavaria, were instructed in the basics of using i:medtasim®.

With the VR software i:medtasim®, instructors now have the possibility to train different prehospital and in-hospital scenarios in virtual reality. It is even possible to have participants from different locations join the same case study and thus train and experience team building and other technical medical aspects of rescue service training “without borders”, even over great distances.

“With i:medtasim, we are creating completely new possibilities in simulation and rescue service training and further education. Through the deep immersion in the scenario and the realistic processing of case studies via the VR simulation, we can train critical emergency situations more intensively.”

Alexander Hameder, Head of the Operational Services Division in the Bavarian Regional Association

“This is the right step into the future of the rescue service. We are taking an important and innovative path by expanding training in this direction.”

Frank Zirngibl, Spokesperson of the Quality Assurance Seminars Working Group of Johanniter in Bavaria

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