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Reavita AG is new i:medtasim distribution partner

As a new i:medtasim® sales partner for Switzerland, we can now welcome Reavita AG from Zurich.

On 01.06.2023 Christoph Gamma (center in the picture) and Markus Keller (right in the picture) were guests at TriCAT in Ulm to dive into the virtual world of i:medtasim® and to dedicate themselves even more intensively to the product and the associated topics.

Dominik Wichmann (left in the picture) and Bernhard Schickmaier from TriCAT used the opportunity not only to introduce the handling of i:medtasim®, but also to show the current and future planned developments of i:medtasim® and the rapid development on the VR hardware market.

“In addition to other notable organizations, we have now been able to get Reavita AG excited about i:medtasim and are very enthusiastic about the collaboration.”

Markus Neuberger, Director of Medicine / Healthcare – TriCAT GmbH

The Swiss company Reavita AG has specialized in diagnostics, resuscitation and simulation for medical professionals and laypersons since 2000. The company is expanding in the growth market of medical technology and has already built up thousands of active customers thanks to its sustainable service strategy.

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