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TriCAT spaces® 3.3 – what’s new?

TriCAT spaces® Update 3.3 – discover now!

TriCAT spaces® Web

The new TriCAT spaces® for Web was designed with a special focus on flexibility to enable faster and uncomplicated participation. User groups within restrictively protected networks can now conveniently participate in events via a web browser.

Whether via the reliable desktop application or directly via the browser – the choice is yours.

Joining TriCAT spaces® Web with activated account and selected avatar.

New Main Menu for TriCAT spaces®

The new UX UI design of the TriCAT spaces® Main Menu aims to provide quick and easy access to events for all participants. The paths are short, navigation is intuitive and the interaction elements are clearly structured to provide efficient orientation. The booking portal can be accessed directly from the application, shortcuts are visible even before entering the event, FAQs are directly linked and the manual is immediately accessible if required. The audio settings can be easily adjusted via a pop-up right before joining the event.

Insights into the new Main Menu of TriCAT spaces®.

Aspects of the User Journey:

  • Quick Start –
    The optimized user interface enables participation in events with just a few clicks.
  • Intuitive Navigation –
    The hierarchy of menu options is logically structured. Participants immediately understand how to navigate.
  • Clear Instructions for Action –
    Important functions are highlighted, while secondary options remain discreetly in the background.
  • No Barriers –
    High contrasts promote readability. All interaction elements are designed in such a way that they are easily accessible to all users without prior knowledge.

Event Management – Booking Portal

Booking Portal – New Design

As part of the UX design adjustments, the hierarchy of interaction elements was divided into three groups and weighted accordingly. It is clear at a glance where the user’s attention should be focused first. A distinction is made between the relevance of the button types so that main interactions are highlighted and second or third-rank buttons are subordinate to them. For better accessibility, the buttons appear in the appropriate size. With the new basic structure in mind, the interaction areas unfold their full potential so that users can find their way intuitively.

System Invitations –
New Design

Heatmapping techniques were used to strategically place the essential information in order to focus attention and avoid scrolling. At the same time, the text content was condensed or reduced for streamlined communication. These optimizations contribute to a seamless and user-friendly customer journey from the invitation to the entry into the event.

Landing Page – New Design

Clicking on the accept button in the invitation
email opens the new Landing Page. Here, the invitees receive a clear presentation of all relevant information about the event, including the guest access code and the option to extend their account. This enables event entry with a personal password + e-mail address. Once the account is activated, the registration data can be used for all further events in TriCAT spaces®. The download links for the application are also available here and in the invitation email to ensure quick access to the event. If you have any questions, the directly linked FAQs on joining the event will help you quickly and in a structured manner.

Lifelike Avatars

Avatar systems and personalization.

Get ready to redefine your virtual presence in TriCAT spaces®! Creation is a breeze – you scan a QR code, take a photo of your face, select the features that suit you, such as stature, skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, hair color, outfit and glasses, and start the event with your realistic image.

The use of a Personalized Avatar in virtual events offers scientifically proven benefits such as significantly increasing engagement and interaction in the virtual environment, forming social bonds and fostering communication and collaboration.

Multiple Memory Locations for your avatars

The avatars can be adapted to your use cases. We have created the option of saving up to 3 personalized avatars so that you can join an event with the ideal “virtual ego” for all occasions.

New Avatar Types

As an alternative to the avatars based on your profile picture, you can choose from a now expanded collection of predefined avatars. We will continue to work on our avatar system in the future.

Experience a new dimension of personalization!

Further Seating Positions for the avatars

Our avatars are not only authentic in appearance, but also in their movements. By adding various sitting animations, the experience in the virtual space becomes even more lifelike and vivid.

Pre-made basic avatars with colorable clothing and changeable accessories.

New Room Package “Training & Event”

Insights into the Premium Room Package Training & Event.

Day Scene

Spacious meeting and breakout rooms allow for a variety of use cases such as workshops, events, exhibitions, training sessions, meetings, trade fairs and onboarding sessions. The spacious open-air auditorium and numerous terraces provide ample space for the presentation of media and 3D models. The bar creates an atmosphere that invites you to network and relax. Spread over two floors, a world opens up that you can change according to your ideas – a playground for the senses!

Insights into the Training & Event Night Scene.
Night Scene

Another highlight is the atmospheric Night Scene, which will fascinate you with atmospheric lighting and a starry night sky.

Blank Scene

For those who want maximum design freedom, the room package is available completely free of furniture. Maximum scope to shape ideas and bring visions to life.

Party Package

The Party Package, which can be accessed via the scene editor, is packed full of surprises for a stunning party location! Fairy lights, lampions, confetti rain, balloons, VIP displays, red carpet, flickering torches, champagne (virtual and alcohol-free on request 😉 ) and much more to get the party started.

Let’s rock!

Participant view of the Party Package by day & night.

New Editor Objects

In addition to the already extensive collection of Editor Objects, we have created lots of new furniture, decorative elements and plants. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to the use of methods and room design!

New Editor Objects for maximum design freedom and methods.
UseCase and placement of Weblink Walls.

The Weblink Walls & Terminals offer targeted and fast access to any web content for all participants, whether synchronous or asynchronous. Like all 3D objects, the Weblink Walls and free-standing Weblink Terminals can be positioned freely in TriCAT spaces® via the scene editor and enable an individual learning journey for all participants.


During an ongoing event, our shortcuts can be conveniently displayed for quick operation via the settings menu. An overview can also be accessed in the main menu of TriCAT spaces® via the help page under Shortcuts before joining an event.

Role reversal

The roles assigned when creating an event, such as session leader, participant and spectator (in TriCAT spaces® Congress), can be flexibly changed during an ongoing event.

Scenarios are now even more flexible

The scenarios can be configured very flexibly thanks to more editable (standard) objects. Many elements that were previously fixed components of a scene can now also be placed or removed via the editor or colored variably.

Stairs to the roof in the premium building

Stairs leading to the roof have been installed in the premium training building. The roof area can therefore be freely accessed by all participants and used as a free interaction area for setting up editor objects, for example.

Scenarios visually upgraded

Visual adjustments have been made in all existing scenarios from Basic to Premium as well as Coaching, thereby refreshing the visual impression.

Reduction of download size

The download size of the application has been significantly reduced. This effect was achieved by the gradual (automatic) reloading of assets as required.

Optimized main memory allocation

Optimization means that the application uses less main memory overall.

Optimized textures (scenarios)

The textures and scenarios have been optimized for optimum performance in TriCAT spaces® Web.

Laser pointer customizable in color

The color of the laser pointer can be individually adjusted by all participants via the settings menu.

Push-to-talk button “t”

Participants who have switched to ” push to talk” mode can temporarily activate their microphone by pressing the “t” (talk) key while holding down the t key. Previously, this action was triggered via the CTRL key.

Audio zones customizable in color

The audio zones that can be placed via the editor can be customized in color.

Editor Objects – exhibition stands

Improved placement of the editor objects on the floor panels of the self-configurable exhibition stands.

Editor Objects – transparent images (upload)

Improved upload support for images with transparent elements.

Editor Objects – coloring options

Increased coloring options for many freely placeable editor objects.

Editor Objects – audio zones

More precise placement options for audio zones from the editor.

Editor Objects – logo objects

Increased scaling range for logo objects from the editor.

Editor Objects – start rotation

The start rotation of some placeable editor objects has been improved for better placeability.

Avatar and Camera Positioning

Improved placement of own avatar in some meeting zones incl. improved camera placement.

Network Test – Desktop

To detect connection problems at an early stage, the network test is automatically carried out once when the application is started.

FAQ Extension

Extension of the FAQ with new hardware requirements and browser-specific entries.

Unity Upgrade

Upgrade to Unity 2022 LTS for new features and stability patches.

Increased Security Updates

The frequency of security updates for the integrated browser has been increased.

VR – Avatar animations

The avatar movements are now mapped and can be seen by all participants.

VR – Support

Various VR headsets such as Steam VR and Oculus are supported.

VR – Interaction

Operation of the editor and the hand menu made possible in VR.

Changelog (password protected)


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