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Virtuelles Gebäude bei Bayer

Global Onboarding at Bayer –

A special experience awaits new Bayer employees worldwide. Instead of the usual onboarding via classic media such as presentations or videos, they now enter a virtual 3D world – in typical Bayer CI.

A virtual guide in the form of an avatar greets visitors in the entrance area and leads them through the premises. The spatial design of the building represents the Group with its divisions and functional areas.

In an eventful learning journey, the new colleagues explore the company. The individual rooms offer a visual and acoustic appearance typical of the division. Learning content is experienced in a variety of forms – from 2D media to interactive 3D objects. Also in a playful way.

An integrated content management system allows easy content maintenance directly by Bayer, including localization in standard languages.

Objective: Development of an innovative and digital learning offer fully met.

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