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TriCAT spaces Congress

TriCAT spaces Congress Vorschau

TriCAT Spaces Congress for Large Events starts in July 2020!

Employee, Customer and Branch Events as well as Kick-Offs, BarCamps, Trade Fairs and Congresses find their Virtual Location – and that highly scalable.

Already in the first release in July 2020, up to 500 participants will be able to follow presentations including sound and video on large media walls in the congress room. Interactive 3D objects can be placed on the stage. The up to 36 protagonists on stage, with full avatar interactivity, can transport individual participants from the audience to the stage. After the opening event, the audience can freely switch to any number of breakout sessions. Up to 36 participants can be active per breakout session. Each participant has full avatar interactivity. It is possible to switch between the breakout sessions. Soon the private exchange of business cards via QR Code as well as impressive pyro effects such as fire fountains, stage fireworks, etc. will be possible.

TriCAT Spaces Congress opens up numerous new possibilities for large events – not only in times of Corona.

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