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Markus Neuberger is a founding member

Markus Neuberger von i:medtasim

Head of the Business Unit Medicine / Healthcare becomes founding member of the section “Simulation & Team Training” of the DBRD e.V. (German Professional Association of Rescue Services)

On 31.01.2020 the Simulation & Team Training section of the DBRD e.V. was founded at the ASB School in Frankfurt/Main under the umbrella of the DBRD e.V. One of the founding members of this section is Markus Neuberger, head of the business unit Medicine / Healthcare of TriCAT GmbH. Participants of the first event were experts from the emergency services, who are already intensively involved in the field of simulation. Markus Neuberger, who holds a degree in medical education, will support this group as an expert in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

Since 01.06.2019, Markus Neuberger has been leading the research and development projects in medicine as business unit manager at TriCAT GmbH and can rely on more than twenty years of experience in the education and training of medical personnel.

Before joining TriCAT GmbH, he was head of the Falck Group’s Academy for Emergency Medicine Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Academy of the DRF Luftrettung.

More information on the Simulation & Team Training section of the DBRD e.V. at

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