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We are very happy about the new version of TriCAT spaces, which will automatically be live from 31.07.2020 with new features and tools as well as numerous optimizations. The redesigned user interface has been optimized in terms of easy readability and intuitive comprehensibility. It complies with the guidelines for barrier-free web content (WCAG 2.0).

New and Optimized Features

Meetings – individually, in groups or all

  • With the redesigned meeting tool, you can quickly gather or teleport either all participants, groups or individual participants to other rooms within the scenario.

Build groups

  • Groups can be freely created and assigned to desired participants.

Participant List for all

  • For an overview at any time, all attendees can display a list of participants. If groups have already been created, the group membership of all participants is also visible.

Poll Tool with new functions

  • The new poll tool contains many pre-defined poll types. Answers can be pre-defined, but free text answers are also possible. The polls can be saved as drafts and can be started and repeated at any time.

Editor with new tools

  • The editor has been updated with many new options. For example, the free placement of 3D viewers and the creation of audio zones.

  • Interactive scales and smartboards are available in any size and number.

Media Walls – freely scalable

  • Media Walls, which are already pre-installed in the rooms, can be flexibly enlarged, reduced or removed.

Icons and operation Media Wall & Whiteboard

  • Clear icons and their structured arrangement for intuitive use.

Attendance list of the participants

  • After finishing the session, the organiser can export an attendance list from the overview page of the TriCAT spaces booking portal for further processing.

  • The parallel installation of TriCAT spaces and Citrix is now possible.

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