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Occupational Safety Training with VR and Cardboard Glass at Swiss Post

We are pleased to present the occupational safety training project for Swiss Post. The occupational safety training for Swiss Post ranges from the detection and rectification of defects in a realistic replica warehouse to incidents in the administration building. The detailed virtual simulation environment of a post office building, including the foyer, appeals to all senses and emotions of the learner. Attention is drawn to the important details and thus situational learning is made possible – without the effort of physically simulated learning scenarios.

Through direct interaction with the situation and the environment, the user is trained to respond correctly and safely in the selected scenarios. At the end of the training, the learner receives an evaluation and thus has a comprehensive overview of his or her learning status. Scenarios with incorrectly solved tasks or undetected deficiencies can then be re-experienced and solved.

Swiss Post employees are accompanied by autonomous agents. The user can choose between a guided and a free mode.

As a special feature, we would like to highlight that the application can be used not only on different end devices, but also with VR and cardboard glasses

Read more details in our Best Practice section.

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