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eLearning AWARD 2018

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TriCAT wins eLearning AWARD + 2nd place for Projekt des Jahres

TriCAT received the eLearning AWARD for the project “WBS LearnSpace 3D” in the category “3D Learning World” of the eLearning Journal at the education fair didacta in Hannover at 24. of February.

As a special honor, TriCAT was able to accept the award for 2nd place in the 2018 Project of the Year, after placing 1st in the previous year, among 63 nominees.

Commentary eLearning Journal: “The WBS LearnSpace 3D project is a convincing example of the successful application of what is probably one of the most significant educational innovations of our time – virtual collaborative 3D learning worlds. These ideally combine features of face-to-face learning environments with those of computer-based, location-independent learning in a novel virtual learning environment. In this way, learners experience realistic and holistic learning situations within the 3D world, including spatial and social presence experiences – without having to physically come together in the same place. For this, the jury of the eLearning Journal honors the two project partners WBS TRAINING AG and TriCAT GmbH with the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category “3D Learning World.”

Picture above: Martin Geugis, Management WBS Training AG (left), Frank Siepmann, Owner of Siepmann Media (middle) and Markus Herkersdorf, CEO of the TriCAT GmbH (right)

complete article by the eLearning Journal

to Best Practice WBS LearnSpace 3D

to the video of the award ceremony

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