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Your virtual transformation begins: now!

Experience the revolutionary power of Extended Reality and AI – in visionary 3D worlds. Welcome to your virtual future.

Work, learn, meet. In new dimensions.

Use our virtual learning and working worlds in 3D. For collaboration, events and training. In real time, from anywhere. For everyone.


Collaboration & Co-Creation

Collaborate with people around the world – simply and in real time.

Conferences & Events

From small-scale to large-scale: use virtual events to reach people at any time and network sustainably.


Training & Simulation

Utilise XR training and simulations for complex situations in medicine and technology.


Virtual Classroom & Academy

Experience learning success, motivation and group dynamics – in pure virtual or hybrid form.


Marketing & Sales

Bring your product and customers together virtually – with the new possibilities of 3D and XR.


Recruiting & Onboarding

Find and train employees innovatively – and save time and costs in the process.


Assistance & Performance Support

Meaningful support at all times – thanks to integrated XR technology.


Service & Support

Virtualised services – the perfect basis for expanded and new business models.

New Work is virtual: Agile work in 3D

New Work spaces
New Work spaces

Physical limits - easily overcome

In virtual reality, physical space no longer plays a role. Nevertheless, we as humans experience genuine closeness when using it. Why? – Because we move and act spatially. Reality is what the brain and body experience together.

tricat meeting weltweit
tricat meeting weltweit

Arrive in the metaverse

Are you looking for leading XR and AI technology concepts, a platform instead of stand-alone solutions as well as visionary advice for your digital and virtual transformation?

Then we’re the right partner for you.

Our solutions for your virtual reality

Meet and collaborate, learn and train: Discover entire worlds full of possibilities – with TriCAT’s Virtual Spaces. Start right away and enjoy maximum flexibility.


Virtual meetings, workshops and events: Finally, with no limits

No matter what you have in mind – you can make it happen in TriCAT spaces®. We have tools and features for all types of approaches. Design your events to be as multimedia and presence-oriented as possible.


Up to 500 people - in your limitless event world

TriCAT spaces® Congress is the event tool for your large-scale events: Conference room, workshop sessions, barcamp, trade fair stand – everything is possible in your virtual event world.


Medical training and simulation: intensive, immersive - i:medtasim®

With i:medtasim® you can train emergency situations on virtual patients in a risk-free environment. Learning in VR means: deeply anchored knowledge via direct situational experience.


Train and operate real machines - virtually

Connect real and virtual machines, control cyber-physical systems, automate processes: Virtualise your company with TriCAT Industry 4.0.

Discover how companies use TriCAT's Virtual Spaces

From SMEs to global corporations: companies around the world use our 3D enterprise worlds and XR / AI ecosystems. Read more in our news section.