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Trend Study “mmb Learning Delphi”

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Continuing Education and Digital Learning today and in three Years – Corporate Learning Becomes Cyber Learning

With the trend study mmb Learning Delphi, the mmb Institute presents the evaluation of the survey from fall 2016. The current evaluation contains long-term trends as well as evaluations of questions that were currently included in the questionnaire of the online survey.

Excerpts from the results of the 11th “mmb Learning Delphi 2016” trend study

Questioned item: Learning forms for corporate learning

[…] A big leap forward has been made by “learning environments in virtual 3D worlds” – from 12 percent approval in the previous year to 33 percent. Contributing to this was […] the success of various VR learning offerings such as “Glassroom”, “Social Virtual Learning” or TriCAT Spaces.

Long-term trend: Augmented and virtual reality on the rise

Computer-generated learning spaces (virtual reality) and computer insertions in real images (augmented reality) are also on the rise in the results overview from 2006 to 2016. Both rank in the list of learning forms with central importance in the future at over 30 percent of the expert votes […]

[…] Over time, applications have developed here that emphasize exploratory learning alone or with others and can also focus the attention of learners through the “immersion” factor […].

[…] Here, a form of temporarily “renting” virtual rooms to users to hold coaching, group training sessions or seminars has also become established. It could be that 3D learning rooms will replace the existing “virtual classroom” systems in the next few years.

mmb Institut, Gesellschaft für Medien- und Kompetenzforschung mbH

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