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Block access

If time is running out and you are not quite finished with the preparations, you can block access to the session for participants. If participants have already joined, you have the option to remove them from the session.

Participants whose access is temporarily blocked will receive the following notification when they attempt to join: “Access to the session is currently blocked. You will automatically join as soon as the session leader lets you in”

Scene Editor

The scene editor (previously editor) has been expanded with new features. For example, a start scene can be defined via the booking portal, which is automatically loaded at the start of the session. The new user interface of the scene editor makes it easy to load an existing scene into the session. In addition, a newly loaded scene can be reseted to the start scene or to the last saved status or completely to the original setting of the scenario.

If a scene is saved in the session, it automatically ends up in >My files / Snapshots. Before the update, the scenes were saved in the session folder. With the new place of storage, you always have your saved scenes at hand.


A group chat function has been implemented in the chat. By clicking on the group symbol in the text field of the chat window, the associated group members can be displayed. From this additional window, the group members can also be contacted individually.

If a private chat is sent to a person, the sending person receives a read confirmation in the form of a green tick. The text input field of the chat window has become larger, the text is now displayed in two lines. If links are entered in the chat, they can be activated directly by the reader. After a previous query, a forwarding to the external destination takes place. For session leaders, the chat window does not open automatically for messages from participants. This logic allows for trouble-free presentations.

Webcam-Feed for Mac

Support for the webcam feed for Mac has been implemented.

Empty Scenarios

For maximum design freedom in sessions, almost all furniture and decorative elements in the premium training building can be removed and reassembled via the scene editor according to individual requirements. Further multivariable scenarios are already in the works.


Usability has been improved in the group window. Groups are created as usual and the group names are now displayed at the top right. Participants who have already been assigned can be hidden. If a person is assigned to a group, the group symbol immediately appears in the name selection list on the left. You will also see a display of the number of people invited and a number of people who have already been assigned to the individual groups. Participants who are still logged out are taken into account separately – (1/2) means, for example, in the group “New Work” that of the two persons assigned, one person has not yet joined the session.

New Terms

Terms have been adapted for intuitive use of the Options Menu. Manage Files > File Manager and Editor > Scene Editor


Support for proxy servers configured in the system

Polls in Scenes

For polls that are saved within a scene, the results are now session-specific and are no longer saved within the scene. This enables a comfortable multiple use of the polls.

Disruptive Factors eliminated

The sessions are now much more resistant to poor/fluctuating internet connections of individual participants. Previously, a poor connection of individuals had a negative impact on the experience of the rest of the participants.

3D Viewer optimised

Improved support in the 3D Viewer for fbx and glTF/glb formats. Glb formats are faster to load due to native support and there is better support for textures and materials on the models.


Media wall downloads that have failed, e.g. due to an interrupted connection, can now be triggered again.

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