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TriCAT at the e-Trainer Congress 2017

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On Friday, March 31, 2017, the 2nd e-Trainer Congress took place completely online, as in the past year.

The virtual evening was held in TriCAT Spaces under the motto “Networking and experiencing new things – getting to know and trying out best practices”. The participants also had the opportunity to participate in an informative exchange of practice on systematic positioning and innovative coaching.

The conference participants experienced their own and other people’s digital presence in the virtual 3D world. Subsequent core statements were made during the meeting:

Voices from representatives of economy

“It’s like real life. It’s much more real than a webinar.”

“If the world’s distributed teams work on the same projects, it’s 80% like real life and very close to a live meeting.”

“The longer you get, the more real it becomes. You feel like you’re in a real group – it’s a surprising aspect and very impressive.”

“It’s not like a webinar – you can feel emotions.”

“It feels so real that you don’t want to be intrusive.”

“Much more convincing than a webinar.”

Voices of coaches and trainers

“In workshops, a change of space, as in the real world, allows the group to work on a topic and discuss it, creating a real discussion, which is not possible in a 2D space.”

“The landscape is inspiring and more so, because the notion that it is an operating program starts to go to the back of your mind.”

“In contrast to a 2D space, you can’t hide. In the webinar room, it’s easy to withdraw, but in TriCAT spaces you don’t want to do this – you want to be in the middle of the action.”

“Many possibilities for reflection […] Reflective work possible – also in the group”

“You can work with feedback”

“If you encounter a problem, you can take your avatar to a different place and thereby, also mentally, move […] through the similarity to reality, a quick solution can be achieved.”

“Mechanisms work, for example, soothing effects while looking into a flickering fire.”

“You can feel emotions!”

“If you separate yourself from the group, you do not have the feeling of being part of it. You develop a sense of belonging.”

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