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Wie lege ich eine Veranstaltung an?

Im Webportal können Sie bequem Veranstaltungen anlegen und Teilnehmer einladen. Bitte klären Sie zunächst in Ihrem Unternehmen, ob bereits ein Veranstalter(Organizer)-Account zu Ihrem Unternehmen existiert,

Shortcuts for TriCAT spaces®

An overview of the shortcuts is also available during ongoing events: Options menu> Local Settings > Controls Navigation Avatar Action Shortcut Walk vorwards W –or–

Train-the-Trainer | Training in 4 modules

Training in 4 modules The training concept, which consists of 4 modules that build on one another, enables participants to use TriCAT spaces® routinely, confidently

Storage of personal data

Only business contact data is required for operation (e-mail address, name). Optionally, users can specify their gender – useful for avatar selection – and set

Do participants need training?

Your guests learn intuitively The operation of our virtual 3D learning and working worlds is largely intuitive. Participants in an online event acquire the ability

TriCAT spaces® Download

We are pleased that you would like to use TriCAT spaces®! Download for PC Download for Mac (permission may need to be granted on first