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The COPETRI CONVENTION goes into the second round! Focus for 2023: Future-proofing our companies, people, transformation, innovation and their forward-looking connection. Join us for the mix of community, conference and expo. From interactive workshops, rousing keynotes to the large Expo area with interaction & networking, it’s all here. Party highlights on both evenings are included!

Generative AI meets Corporate Metaverse

Be there to experience – live at the TriCAT booth – how generative AI, digital twins and virtual-immersive environments in the corporate metaverse lead to a new level of productivity in learning and collaboration!

  • Booth A.22


“Why we will learn, meet, and collaborate in the corporate metaverse in the future – and what it will bring!

A training session on a digital machine twin, a virtual showroom experience, a design thinking workshop in virtual space – virtualization is often still experienced in a very selective and isolated way. This workshop shows that this will soon change, what a corporate metaverse is and what impact it will have on agility and competitiveness, on costs and resource utilization, on innovation and new business models. Best practice examples from companies and organizations offer guidance on how virtual transformation can be put into practice in a way that adds value.

  • Speaker: Markus Herkersdorf, CEO TriCAT GmbH
  • 23.05.2023, 10:40 – 11:25 Uhr l Workshop Space 2

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COPETRI CONVENTION – more than a trade fair!

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