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With the immersive and interactive 3D learning and work environment Porsche Spaces by TriCAT Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG offers its employees worldwide innovative qualification concepts and measures for permanent and sustainable professionalisation – without any loss of quality, in 13 languages.

As an integral part of the “Porsche Qualification Strategy 2030”, the highly interactive and freely accessible “Digital Twin” was created, based on the model of a real Porsche Centre with a detailed interior and exterior, along the lines of the Porsche Corporate Identity and Corporate Architecture.

The virtual Porsche Centre is a central location that offers learners worldwide real options for action, enables a flow experience and is not just a three-dimensional point & click adventure.

Through the use of avatars, learners are immersed in the highly realistic and dynamically interactive working environment and can, for instance, completely identify with their role during salon training and get a more real feeling than during live training. Actions can be mirrored one-to-one with reality.


  • Development of a photorealistic 3D virtual Porsche Centre in strict compliance with the Porsche Corporate Identity and Corporate Architecture
  • Creation of objects, such as mobile digital vehicle twins, with high interaction possibilities also for interactive trainings
  • Enable direct and realistic actions for trainings and coachings
  • Enabling Porsche itself to produce simulations with the vehicles and create direct applications in scenarios
  • By localising the programme in 13 languages, making it accessible to all Porsche employees without compromising the quality of the required professionalisation and qualification
  • Use for up to 500 participants per event
  • Collaborative and single use
  • Highest flexibility and scalability
  • Joining the simulation with avatars to represent the virtual “Me”
  • Virtually acquired knowledge should be able to be seamlessly transferred into reality
  • Imparting practical relevance and applicability through theoretical and technical topics
  • Effective enforcement of globally comparable Porsche standards without losses
  • The “experience” should serve as a motivator for the main target group


  • Meeting, learning and collaboration in a virtual-immersive 3D environment
  • Learning portal/learning platform, virtual classroom
  • Simulation, Virtual Reality
  • Social Learning
  • Gamification


  • At the start of the project: Porsche employees from the Sales and Retail divisions
  • Meanwhile: Cross-divisional coaching, meetings, conferences, workshops, live training and collaborative events


  • The first milestones were scenarios for “comfort and assistance system” and “service core process”
  • Self-learning scenarios and collaborative use were first integrated into the Porsche Trade Organisations LMS, followed by implementation in Porsche Spaces
  • The rollout was divided into 2 stages. The final Porsche AG-internal rollout will take place in 2022.
  • Even during the development phase, due to the explosive Corona development, Porsche subsidiaries in Taiwan used “Porsche Spaces” to hold meetings and training sessions virtually.
  • As part of the Porsche “Digital Days”, it was possible to interactively experience Porsche’s own virtual 3D environment.
  • The group-wide “Doctoral Students Day 2021” was held in “Porsche Spaces”.
  • It is also planned to involve end customers in its use in the future.


At the beginning of the project, there was a scepticism of the learners towards the newness of imparting knowledge with a gaming and simulation-based approach in a virtual 3D world environment.

The high demand from the various Porsche organisations now shows a broad acceptance across the different fields of application and user groups. From employees in the international dealer organisations to the executive board level of Porsche AG.

“TriCAT and Porsche have created a highly tangible world in which experience and the feeling of “immersion” have become real: You really feel like you are in a Porsche centre! The jury of the eLearning AWARD 2022 is highly fascinated by the possibilities that have been built here and is happy for the winner of the award in the category Virtual Trainings”, says the jury of the eLearning Journal.

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