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Virtual Xmas Party

TriCAT spaces Weihnachtsfeier

In groups of up to 36 people, in each case with an own avatar, or in TriCAT spaces Congress with up to 500 participants, you experience closeness despite distance!

Via your own avatar you meet your colleagues and look each other in the eyes. You talk and laugh together in natural communication. Review the year together and capture the most memorable moments, e.g. on the interactive media walls. Build a christmas decoration together with fairy lights, christmas trees, snowmen, gift packages and candy canes or watch video clips of your colleagues together. Your webcam feed is also transferable. You could have a gourmet package from your caterer sent to all your colleagues beforehand and enjoy together during the virtual celebration. Countless ideas can be implemented, which will give you and your team an atmospheric and joint end-of-year event!

What do you need? Your computer and a headset. A computer mouse is beneficial for navigation.

We wish you lots of fun and nice moments in your team!

TriCAT spaces

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