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Large Equipment Simulation at RWE

One of the world’s largest bucket wheel excavators (BG288) can be controlled by means of VR glasses or directly on the screen . The project was carried out to increase the confidence of action and increase efficiency in production operations.


  • Significant cost reduction in the area of HR
  • Maintenance staff should be able to operate the excavator for their own purpose
  • Increased efficiency in production operations by shortening the service life of bucket wheel excavators


Proven safe training for driver’s cabs and belt sanders in a protected virtual environment


Maintenance staff for device access authorization


Using Virtual Reality glasses or directly on the screen in a 3D simulation environment, you can learn how to control the excavator in 2 different modes in a safe and resource-saving way.

a) Guided Mode

The learner is accompanied by the respective task with support in text and language

b) Free mode

The learner must work through the individual work steps mainly independently

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