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Get started now: Here is the pricing for TriCAT spaces® on-demand.

Use the virtual 3D learning and working worlds of TriCAT spaces® on-demand without a contract. Simply select the appropriate space package and get started right away.

Complete scenarios with different rooms

Be it a workshop, meeting or training session: we have the right space package for your event.

Discover our scenarios from Basic to Premium – with a wide range of features and virtual rooms for you and up to 40 participants.

  Basic starts at12   Compact starts at 15   Comfort starts at 18 Popular   Premium starts at 21 Comfort Coaching starts at 18 Premium Coaching starts at21 Premium Training und Event starts at 21
No. of attendees 25 30 35 40 35 40 40
Logo Branding
Lobby / Welcome area with Welcome Board
Breakout room
Auditorium large
Meeting room small 2
Meeting room medium 1 2 2
Meeting room large 1 3
Outdoor area
Training center with 3D Viewer
Coaching rooms main & prem-liminary phase with Welcome board
Coaching room systemic constellation
Large garden with systemic constellation, chess board and campfire
Action area
Streaming servers 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Floors 1 1 1 2 1 1 2

Pricing example

Space costs are only charged once per event.


TriCAT spaces Basic

€12 space costs, one time




2 Participants

€2.50 per participant per hour


€17 for the first hour

(for 2 hours = €22.00)

For a detailed cost overview, please log in to the portal and use the price calculator to determine the exact costs for your event.

Get to know all the spaces available on-demand with our animated showreel

Überblick Basic-Raumpaket
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The Basic package already includes all the features and functions of TriCAT spaces. Meet with up to 25 people in freely accessible spaces. Use the meeting room for presentations, workshops or training sessions. Brainstorming sessions or virtual breaks can take place in a relaxed atmosphere in the Lounge. The breakout room is ideal for separate discussions or coaching sessions with individual participants. On the roof terrace you can welcome and onboard your guests outdoors. The Scene Editor allows you to place 3D objects (e.g. your products or set-ups) in the spaces.

Überblick Compact-Raumpaket
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The Compact package can accommodate up to 30 participants. Compared to the Basic package, Compact offers an additional meeting room. Group work in different rooms and the interactive use of all of the TriCAT spaces is sure to transform your event into an experience.

Überblick Comfort-Raumpaket
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The TriCAT spaces Comfort package accommodates up to 35 people. In comparison to the Compact package, a large training centre with three side-by-side media walls is included. The Training Room offers additional space for your 3D objects and set-ups.

Überblick Premium-Raumpaket
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The Premium package offers the largest scenario, a learning and working environment for up to 40 participants. The lobby and an attractive outdoor area offer many opportunities for networking and mutual exchange. In the Auditorium with its large media walls, lectures and kick-offs can take place. Three meeting rooms enable active workshops and group work. In the large Training Centre you can realise all your ideas with a variety of methods using the Scene Editor, from marketplace learning to exhibition stands.

Überblick Coaching-Comfort-Raumpaket
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Coaching Comfort

Our Coaching packages offer all the interactive tools & features of TriCAT spaces. In the Coaching Comfort space package, up to 35 participants can interact with each other. You will find special spaces for different coaching phases and to support your coaching methods you can change the room colours, activate a chair circle and interactive scales. In a separate room for systemic constellations, geometric figures can be freely moved and visually customised.
Überblick Coaching-Premium-Raumpaket
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Premium Coaching

Carry out coaching with up to 40 participants. The Coaching Premium package includes additional outdoor spaces for systemic constellations or reflection. An interactive chessboard can be used actively in the coaching process or simply for a fun game in between.

Your customised
company solution

Your own virtual 3D world or 3D Academy – or TriCAT spaces® as a SaaS contract model: anything is possible. We are happy to advise you on the potential of TriCAT spaces® for your company and your events.

Payment and billing: Maintain full control over your costs

You simply load your account with credits and book the event in TriCAT spaces® with your credit. Payment is made via PayPal.

From a purchase of 1000 credits (value of 500.00 EUR), processing via invoicing is possible. Please contact us via email for this purpose.