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Uni Stuttgart investigates TriCAT Spaces

Partial Result: High benefit and ideal uptake in the activity


The Institute for Educational Sciences at the University of Stuttgart investigated the use of the virtual learning and work environment VILA, which is based on the virtual 3D environment of TriCAT Spaces. VILA was developed for the vocational training and further education of specialists in the industrial service sector. Both sides, which were concerned with the learning environment, were interviewed: professional and technical pedagogues as well as service technicians - the target group of the training. The results can be transferred to other target groups. The following is a brief overview of the main study results:


Evaluation Item - Usability: Overall, [...] the subjects are of the opinion that the use of the virtual learning environment is high. [Evaluation item: Usability]

Evaluation item - Spatial presence life: [...] the participants were able to put themselves into the virtual learning environment. [Evaluation-Item: Spatial Presence Life]

Evaluation-Item - Flow-Experience: The flow-experience is [...] estimated as high. [Evaluation-Item: Flow-Experience (as a measure of an ideal immersion in the activity)]


Presentation of the plenary room with three avatars (lecturer and two participants) Source: Presentation of the study, University of Stuttgart, Chair of Professional Pedagogy with a focus on technical didactics, Prof. Dr. Bernd Zinn


The qualitative survey says:

"As a positive assessment, the motivating and realistic aspects of the virtual training are particularly beneficial, especially the option to choose an individual avatar and the inclusion of authentic cases [...] are positively evaluated by respondents That the ease of use and the good visualization have helped to understand the content of the learning, and that the interactive design and the "real" people behind the avatars, on the one hand, promote the community feeling and the social integration, which in turn has a positive effect on the interest. "


Development and Evaluation of the Virtual Learning and Work Environment VILA, Editor: Bernd Zinn, Ralf Tenberg, Daniel Pittich, Journal of Technical Education (JOTED), Volume 4, 2016, Issue 1

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