Erstellt am Tuesday, 23. February 2021

Police Baden-Württemberg

trains tactical medical emergency scenarios with i:medtasim from TriCAT


The Baden-Württemberg police trains tactical medical emergency scenarios virtually


TriCAT's high-immersion multi-user VR learning environment i:medtasim is now being used in the Tactical Wound Care department at the Baden-Württemberg Police Academy.

In Future, not only will training be carried out there in VR, but TriCAT will also work together with the police to develop further tactical medical emergency situations with a police-specific context. This makes the Baden-Württemberg police force the first state police force that has opted for a forward-looking form of VR-based medical training for its officers and is thus actively thinking and living the digital transformation as a driver of innovation.

In the next days and weeks, the installation of the systems and the briefing of the trainers will take place before i:medtasim is officially put into operation in an official meeting with representatives of both institutions.