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Procedure | Planning

We accompany you from the idea to the realisation of your largescale event in TriCAT spaces Congress.


After you have identified your participants, we will send the system invitations to your guests.

Connection check for your guests

In advance of your event, all your guests will be given the opportunity to do a connection check at dates fixed together with you, so that they can be present on the day of the event with just a few clicks.

Dry run for your team

We also offer a dry run for the presenters from your company or guest speakers. In the dry run, all presenters can go through their presentations, determine the order of the individual speakers or rehearse "getting on stage" and test the content on the media walls.

Trade fair and information stands

We will be happy to design and realise exhibition areas or trade fair stands for you from standard components of approx. 20 sqm each, including equipping with logos, info videos and material


To ensure that you can manage your event in a relaxed way, all moderators from your company who have a role in the congress room or are responsible for the groups within the parallel breakout sessions will receive a joint technical training.

Support from TriCAT

Our support will accompany you before and during your event and will also be available on call during the breakout sessions to answer any questions you may have.

Preview TriCAT spaces Congress

If you would like to preview TriCAT spaces Congress offline, you can download the programme here and click on "TriCAT spaces Congress preview" in the main menu of the application under "First steps". Registration is not required for this. As you are in an offline version there, services such as desktop sharing, web browsing, cloud desktop, webcam feed, etc. are not available.

Step 1 | Determining the number for the breakout sessions

In general, your events can be held exclusively in the congress building. If you want to work interactively with your guests in workshops or exhibition halls, etc., we recommend the use of breakout sessions for an immersive and productive experience for all participants. Based on the total number of participants, the number of respective breakout sessions is determined. You can decide for yourself how many breakout sessions you would like to use. The minimum number of breakout sessions is calculated by dividing the maximum number of participants by 36 per breakout session.

Example | 350 participants : maximum 36 people per breakout session = 9.7 = minimum 10 breakout sessions


Step 2 | Determining the number for the basic technical training sessions

To ensure that you can exploit all the technical possibilities of TriCAT Spaces efficiently and in a relaxed manner during your event and implement your methodological and didactic concepts, all facilitators for the breakout sessions will receive basic technical training - tailored to TriCAT spaces Congress .

Example | 10 breakout sessions = 10 people from you who will be trained by us at an agreed date and time


Step 3 | Dates

In cooperation with you, we will set the dates for sending out the invitations to the event and for the connection check for your guests, as well as for the basic technical training sessions and the DryRun.



We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on how you can make your congresses, barcamps, events and trade fairs a unique experience for your guests and presenters. We look forward to receiving your email at info@tricat.net.