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Congress Room & Backstage Area

Congress room

Host your highly interactive events with up to 500 people in TriCAT spaces Congress with your logo branding. Show your guests your presentations, images, 3D objects, previously uploaded video clips and much more as part of your kick-off event. Large and fully functional media walls can be effectively faded in for this purpose.

Up to 36 protagonists or speakers can be present on stage with full avatar interactivity. Presenters can bring the individual presenters from the backstage area onto the stage one after the other or simultaneously. Alternatively, the presenters have the possibility to come independently from the backstage area - in time for their presentation - to the stage.

After the presentations, the participants move from the congress room to the breakout sessions. There all participants will have full avatar interactivity. Up to 36 participants can be active per breakout session.

The free change between the congress room and the breakout sessions is flexibly possible. TriCAT spaces Congress also allows all participants to switch quickly between the individual breakout sessions.

Your audience will watch the happenings on stage from the spectators' seats, with an unobstructed view of the stage and media walls with your content. In the conference room, audience members can communicate with the presenters via text chat and hand signals.

The moderators can release the microphone to individual audience members for open voice communication. This function allows individual members of the audience to actively participate in a fishbowl or panel discussion, etc., which is audible to all other persons present in the congress room.

Backstage Area

In the exclusive Backstage Area all presenters meet and can go through their speeches and presentations in an area separate from the congress room - during the running event. Your audience has no access to the Backstage Area.

All the multimedia possibilities that will be needed later on stage for the presentation slot will be available to you. The events in the congress room, including audio transmission from the stage, can be followed backstage in real time via monitors.

Tools | Features | Functions | in the Congress Room

Media Walls | Your content perfectly presented

On the stage in the congress room, from one to three large media walls can be arranged variably for your presentations in different settings - even during the ongoing event. You can upload presentations and images, share your desktop, call up websites and, in whiteboard mode, place text cards, pins and freehand drawings on the boards. Playback of MP3 and MP4 files is possible. Your webcam feed is also transferable. Your audience will not have editing access to the media walls in the congress room. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we recommend uploading the media in advance of the event. Due to the prior conversion, this saves bandwidth for your participants.

Audience | Your guests emotionally picked up, also our concern

Your audience is initially muted and automatically placed in the spectator seating area and does not yet have an interactive avatar. Communication via text chat to you can take place immediately after joining. The microphones can be activated individually by you if required. Media walls can be enlarged with a mouse click. By a hand signal, guests can announce themselves as well as participate in polls started by you. Immediately after switching to the breakout sessions, your guests have their own interactive avatar. The breakout sessions are entered via the event plan listed in the menu and can be freely selected. We recommend an allocation in advance of the event. Your guests can find out more in advance of the event in the For Event Guests section.

Room effects | surprising, atmospheric and memorable

In the congress room, your branding colour can be effectively staged with the integrated lighting concept. It is also possible to darken the congress room and both can be done by you. Towards the end of the year, the room effects will be further expanded. For example, it will be possible to use pyro effects such as fire fountains, flames, stage fireworks, haze, etc. to create surprising and m Polls | convenient with integrated tool.

Polls | convenient with integrated tool

Prepare several polls with the integrated and comprehensive polling tool. This can also be done during the ongoing event. Choose between different poll types or specify answer options, for example. The surveys can be published as text, pie charts or bar charts with names or anonymously and then conveniently saved as a prepared HTML file on the desktop.

Editor | for maximum method diversity

The editor opens up possibilities that, depending on the situation, far exceed even those of presence events. For example, you can place your 3D objects (new products, machines and parts, etc.) on the stage in a scalable way. Depending on the programming of the 3D models, interaction with the objects is possible for the speakers. Set up chairs for a fishbowl or panel discussion and let the protagonists take their seats. Place basic geometric elements freely on the stage for co-creation processes or design thinking. Work with dummy avatars for constellations, for example. And much more.

We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on how you can make your congresses, barcamps, events and trade fairs a unique experience for your guests and presenters. We look forward to receiving your email at info@tricat.net.