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Dear Guests, Welcome to TriCAT!

You have been or will be invited to a major event in the virtual 3D world TriCAT spaces Congress. You can find out more about the online format here.

Technical check | in the forefront of the event

To enable you to participate in the virtual event in a relaxed manner, you will be invited to a technical check via an e-mail invitation from TriCAT.

The time for this is usually 1 to 2 weeks before the official main event. During the technical check, you will already meet other event participants at the previously communicated date and can talk to them. You will enter a virtual 3D room in which you have full avatar interactivity.

Please have your headset with microphone ready for the technical check. Click here for the System Requirements.

System invitation l Account activation

After clicking on "Confirm participation" in the system invitation, you will be redirected to a landing page. From there you can optionally activate your account. The advantage of account activation is that you can join any following event with your e-mail address + personal password. So also to the main event.

Guest access code

If you do not wish to activate your account, please use the guest access code included in the respective invitation to enter the event. You will receive another guest access code for the main event. After account activation, the guest access code becomes invalid or redundant.

Download l Enter event

The download links for PC and Mac are included in the system invitation. Please be sure to use one of these download links, as each event is based on its own version of the TriCAT spaces Congress programme. After downloading, you can choose an avatar in the main menu of the started programme and customise it according to your wishes.

Spectator role in the congress room

In comparison to the technical check, you first enter the congress room at the main event. There you are in the spectator role and cannot (yet) freely control your avatar. This is only possible in the breakout sessions, if booked by the organisers.

You can then join the parallel events or the breakout sessions via the Event Plan button. There you will have the previously selected avatar, can speak freely, move freely and interact with objects and other participants.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Main Menu l After the download, you are in the main menu of the programme


1. Please log in with the guest access code from the invitation or - only possible after account extension - with your e-mail address.

2. Menu item >First Steps - go through the tutorial >Tutorial: Your Avatar (you leave the tutorial with >ESC)

3. Menu item >Sessions - join the event

4. At the main event, please choose the congress room first. In the congress room you are in the spectator role with limited avatar interactivity.

Spectator role in the congress room l Functions & features


               With the left mouse button pressed, you look around - you change your viewpoint.

    With the arrow keys on your keyboard "up" or "down" you can take different positions/perspectives.


    Use the hand symbol to notify the organisers.

    Use the menu button to open/close the main menu.

    Via text chat you can send messages directly to the organisers or to everyone.

    Your microphone is automatically muted in the conference room. The organisers can activate you for requests to speak.



Media Walls l Control in the congress room




                                  You open/enlarge the media walls by left-clicking on the corresponding media wall.

        Click on the window symbol at the top right of the open media wall to set its maximum size.

         Variable size adjustment of the media wall with the handle at the bottom right.

  You can zoom into a document using the slider at the bottom left of the open Media Wall.

Switching to a parallel event l Breakout-Session  


Use the Event Plan button - in the open Options menu - to join the parallel events (breakout sessions).



In the breakout session/parallel event l Full avatar interactivity

In the parallel events you have your own avatar, you can immediately speak freely, move freely and interact with objects.

We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on how you can make your congresses, barcamps, events and trade fairs a unique experience for your guests and presenters. We look forward to receiving your email at info@tricat.net.