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Breakout Sessions | With Full Avatar Interactivity for All Participants

After the presentations or the KickOff, all participants switch freely from the congress room to the up to 25 parallel breakout sessions. From now on, all persons from the audience have their own avatar, which they could already customise when entering the programme. Up to 36 people including the moderators can participate with their avatars in each breakout session.

The 3D VoIP real-time communication is established immediately after joining the breakout sessions. All participants can see each other's avatars, wave at them, talk to them as if they were in a face-to-face meeting and interact socially as accordingly.

Everyone sees through the eyes of their own avatar. In TriCAT spaces, avatars are not placeholders or dummies, but in each avatar "there is a real person".

From now on, pure interaction counts.

For example, display a trade fair hall with exhibition stands and give your visitors a realistic trade fair experience through direct interaction. Your guests will be addressed by you in an uncomplicated and spontaneous way, and you will approach them with your avatar. In doing so, several people can also be at one trade fair stand or at one information stand.

Pure Interaction and Media Use!

Tools | Features | Functions | TriCAT spaces

Media Walls

Features: Web browser, virtual cloud desktop, desktop sharing, live webcam feed, free file upload by all participants, many formats readable as well as playing MP3 and MP4 files or videos directly from the web, integrated whiteboard function, laser pointer, free zoom function, freely scalable and duplicatable.


Features: parallel access for all participants, note cards with integrated mind mapping tool, drawing function, table tool with export function, live webcam feed, memory function, laser pointer, free zoom function for optimal readability, freely scalable and duplicatable


Features: Length and width freely scalable and freely placeable for maximum radius of action and for many participants working on it in parallel, incl. all whiteboard functions and free zoom function, freely scalable and duplicatable

Media Fields

Features: For texts and pictures, freely editable by all participants. For maximum variety of methods, e.g. card check, headstand, silent writing conversation, buzz group, one-minute paper, map of similarities, and much more. Can be placed freely on the floor, walls and objects. Even free floating.


You communicate 3D VoIP in real time and, thanks to the spatial and distance-dependent localisation, you can even hear when a person further away from you is talking or addressing you from the side. Hand signals such as announcing, waving, thumbs up and thumbs down are also possible. Let your avtar smile once in a while. Or clap!


In addition to communication in natural language, text chat is available to all participants. Moderators also have the option of a private voice chat via a separate audio channel.

Webcam Feed

Transmit your webcam feed live - directly above your avatar - or film into a machine, a house, a portrait or a meeting room with a mobile webcam and project your feed prominently onto a whiteboard or media wall in any size.


The programme language can also be changed during the session. German and English are currently available.

Participant Tools

The session leaders have extensive tools to control the audio setting of the participants. An open voice channel for audio transmission to all rooms is also available. Additional, separate audio zones can be created manually. With access to a free camera, you can "fly" through a complete scenario and share this view with everyone.


All rooms in a scenario can be renamed by you. If you need to start the meeting quickly, you can select a room and gather all participants (or a selection) in it.

Forming Groups

Create groups and easily assign participants with group names, colours and symbols. Transport groups to different workshop rooms or place individual participants from other rooms directly with you.

Participant List

All participants have access to an attendance list, which also shows which group the respective person belongs to.


Polls can be prepared or created spontaneously. There are many survey types to choose from. They can be published as text, pie charts or bar charts with names or anonymously and then conveniently saved as a prepared HTML file on the desktop.

3D Viewer

Place your 3D objects (new products, machines and parts, etc.) freely and scalably in the scenario. Depending on the programming of the 3D models, direct interaction with the objects is possible.

Interactive Scales

With one click, an interactive scale from 1 - 10 of any size can be displayed on the floor. All participants can stand directly with their avatar to vote or rate on the desired value.

Be Creative!

Let team creativity run free! Design thinking, co-creation processes, free construction of figures, etc. can be realised with just a few clicks. Even far superior to presence. The basic elements such as cubes, cones, spheres and octahedrons can be scaled and labelled as desired and duplicated almost indefinitely. Create complete exhibition stands!

Manage Files

Files can be flexibly loaded into the event before the session starts or uploaded directly into the ongoing event. Files can be distributed to different sessions via a global media administration. All participants have the right to upload or download files during the session.


Session leaders have the option of sharing their view with all other participants. The basic setting from the first-person perspective can be changed to a follower perspective as well as to a freely controllable camera. This allows joint "sightseeing flights" through the virtual 3D scenario.

Menu Scaling

The font size of the menus and the screen resolution can be individually and conveniently adjusted.

Barrier Free

The user interfaces of the TriCAT programmes largely comply with the guidelines for accessible web content (WCAG 2.0).

We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on how you can make your congresses, barcamps, events and trade fairs a unique experience for your guests and presenters. We look forward to receiving your email at info@tricat.net.