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TriCAT advises, designs, realizes and implements individual customer solutions in the areas of virtual 3D learning and work environments, 3D academy & classroom, 3D virtual blended learing, e-learning, simulation, visualization, serious games and game-based learning.

We develop the solutions with which people will learn, train and work together over distance.


Insight into a small selection of our projects


The best solutions arise when people have intensive discussions. That’s why we listen very carefully when you talk about your goals. We will then use the best of our expertise to advise you on how to implement them. At the same time, we are proud to say that innovative solutions are our passion. In our opinion, the consultation stage can be an important basis for your decision-making, or even a competitive leap for your business. 

Individual Solutions

Since 2002 TriCAT has been developing individual and sophisticated learning, training and simulation solutions for ambitious customers. In addition to great experience and creativity, it is above all our broad technological expertise, which allows us to design and implement solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers. Integration into the existing IT landscape is just as important as the creation of interfaces for other IT systems in the company.